Concurra Introduces Website and Conversion Rate Optimization Platform for Digital Marketing Agencies

Concurra features

Platform Facilitates Data Driven Design as Industry Shifts from Creative to Scientific

Concurra was introduced as the first all-in-one user experience and conversion rate optimization platform for digital marketing and design agencies. The platform was developed as a critical tool that enables real-time monitoring of all user interactions, personalization of pages, rapid A/B testing and near-instant prototyping.

Concurra was built from the ground up by SingleHop co-founder Dan Ushman who founded it in 2016 with the vision of making website optimization less art and more science. Designed specifically for modern websites, it is the first platform for unified analysis of everything a website visitor does, from mouse movement and clicks to highlighting text and pinch-zooming. The platform features tools to visualize the aggregate data and explore individual user sessions with a fully integrated A/B and multivariate testing engine which can be used to quickly personalize, prototype or test changes on any page.

“We built Concurra based on our first-hand experience optimizing websites by hand and with multiple sets of costly, complicated tools,” said Dan Ushman, Concurra founder and CEO. “Concurra gives digital marketers and agencies the first cohesive, all-in-one monitoring and optimization tool for responsive, mobile, tablet, and desktop sites, with all resolutions, and all major modern browsers.”

Concurra soft-launched last year with a select group of digital marketing agencies that integrated the powerful technology platform into their traditional service-based business models. Agencies have chosen the Concurra platform to enhance clients results with the added benefit of visually demonstrating the enhanced value of their design and marketing services.

“Concurra gives WSOL a way to visually show the impact of our UX strategy and design decisions to clients more effectively than static Google Analytics metrics. We are able to provide a visual showcase of clicks that are (or are not) happening, scrolling that is (or is not) happening, along with capturing full site interaction sessions to demonstrate user flow on a site.  On a practical level, as an agency, we have clients that insist on design changes because they ‘know’ that is what their site visitors would want. Being able to show them what is actually happening on their site versus their anecdotal beliefs is incredibly helpful when pushing forward our UX strategy recommendations with clients. We also use Concurra to validate our implementation of design changes used to improve conversions or page engagement,” said Allison Casey, Digital Marketing Director, WSOL.

“The old adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is always applicable in our relationships with clients and Concurra gives us an easy to use, easy to report on way of doing so,” Casey added.

As modern website optimization continues to be impacted by factors such as design and content, usability and conversion, Concurra enables digital agencies to expand services with a set of capabilities that enable:

  • Monitoring and recording user interactions on all pages of a client’s website automatically, including mouse movements, clicks, pinch-zooms, navigation, text selection, scrolling, and keyboard events
  • Tracking of meaningful, multi-step, user-interaction-based performance targets and goals using a powerful visual interface
  • Conducting real time A/B or multivariate tests on any page with real traffic to personalize or customize pages to match campaigns as well as rapidly prototype and test new ideas to see how they will perform

“Concurra answered our need for setting up and concluding landing page A/B testing for some of our clients with high-visibility onto the impact as we set up our experiments,” said Young Lee, Paid Digital Specialist with Rocket 55. “The platform has enhanced our service offerings and positions us with a new level of decision-making authority based on actionable testing results.”

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