Deloitte Acquires Web Decisions to Enhance Omnichannel Customer Experience Capabilities

Deloitte Acquires Web Decisions to Enhance Omnichannel Customer Experience Capabilities

Web Decisions brings personalized data analytics and campaign management credentials to Deloitte Digital’s Customer Experience Value (CXv) offering

Deloitte has announced that it has acquired substantially all the assets of Web Decisions LLC. Web Decisions LLC is a Greensboro, North Carolina-based omnichannel data management and marketing services company. The company has earned the reputation for solving complex data management and campaign management challenges for clients in the retail, e-commerce and publishing sectors.

By acquiring Web Decisions, Deloitte enables their clients to deliver the right message, to the right customers, in the right channel, at the right time, while measuring value in real time.

New Customer Experience Identity for Data-Driven Insights

Web Decisions will essentially help Deloitte Digital augment its customer experience capability. The cohesive Customer Experience technology capabilities will provide marketers with the data-driven insights as per customer needs — when they need it, and the optimal channel for delivery.

Deloitte Digital is the Diamond Sponsor of the recently concluded Oracle Modern Marketing Experience 2017 (MME). The event managed to bring together the ‘CX Heroes’ in the Modern Marketing landscape.  As an event sponsor, Deloitte Digital played a critical role in highlighting the impact of marketing technologies in –

  • Create a superior brand experience
  • Truly understand and personalize your customer experience
  • Use data and analytics to inform every action and touch point
  • Make the most of your marketing technology ecosystem

Deloitte Digital’s Customer Experience Value (CXv) Improves Brand Equity

Now, with Web Decisions within its ecosystem, Deloitte Digital is firmly perched at upping the customer experience game. Web Decision’s capabilities are poised to enhance Deloitte Digital’s Customer Experience Value (CXv) offering. CXprovides marketers with the ability to personalize key touchpoints with their customers, helping them improve their brand equity, revenue and ultimately add value, through personalized, real-time, relevant campaigns.

“There is a fundamental marketing transformation at play,” said Scott Mager, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and advertising, marketing, and commerce practice leader, Deloitte Digital.

Most marketers would agree that real-time omnichannel marketing is what’s needed to support compelling digital experiences. Companies today are looking for more connected, personal and valuable client interactions.

“Web Decision’s experience in customer data management, data analytics, and real-time omnichannel marketing will further enhance our CXv offering by allowing companies to recognize a customer’s value at the point of contact and decide how to maximize that value through dynamic, personalized treatment,” said Angel Hollis Vaccaro, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and Experience Strategy and Services Leader, Deloitte Digital.

AI-Based Decision Making for CX Orchestration

Deloitte Digital’s CXv offering is both a solution and set of services that provides marketers with a business-centric customer strategy. The offering creates customer experiences, designs and manages a customer data ecosystem. Additionally, it applies artificial intelligence for decision-making procedures and provides experience orchestration and message delivery. The end result is that it can help reduce customer activation costs, increase marketing spend effectiveness, and establish long-term profitable customer relationships.

Brands Expect to Meet their Greatest Ambitions with New CX Force

Kim Addington, founder of Web Decisions LLC says, “Deloitte Digital has industry-leading experience in marketing strategy, marketing operations, digital creative, branding, social, campaign execution and data management – equipping marketers with the tools they need to reach and be relevant to customers and to enhance the experience with a brand.”

Deloitte Digital has created a new model for a new age — a creative digital consultancy. That means bringing together all the creative and technology capabilities, business acumen and industry insight needed to help transform clients’ businesses with digital. With Deloitte Digital’s end-to-end capabilities, clients bring their greatest ambitions, knowing Deloitte Digital has what it takes to bring new business visions to life.

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