Episerver adds new omnichannel personalization capabilities

Episerver logo

Episerver, a digital experience cloud platform that aims to integrate not only the CMS, marketing and e-commerce but also a vast array of secondary inputs like in-store research results and ingesting localized content for analysis.

Headquartered in Nashua, N.H. and Stockholm, introduces cross channel personalization capabilities with its launch of Episerver Advance, Episerver Perform and Episerver Insight.

Its competitors like Magento and Sitecore have similar offerings and aim to integrate legacy systems to predict and manage customer experiences from education to purchase and beyond in to support.

Episerver creates behavioural profiles for visitor clusters generating accurate recommendations and optimized product rankings.

It looks to optimize and control the entire customer journey, starting at educational content, assistance with product browsing and purchase down to email, customer service and loyalty.

Episerver Perform aims to predict shopper wishes and suggest products relevant to them via web, mobile or email while using machine learning to improve itself based on past data.

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