ForeSee Announces Digital Contribution to Measure Impact of Customer Experience


Are you curious to know whether your website visitor landed up on a competing website or retail store or just ended up buying from you on another channel? ForeSee unveiled its Digital Contribution product that links customers’ digital experience to post-visit actions across all channels and with competitors, helping marketers prioritize improvements wherever your customers interact with your brand in person.

ForeSee, the leading customer experience analytics and Voice of Customer solutions provider announced Digital Contribution, branded as a revolutionary product to measure customer experience (CX). The latest CX product will enable business leaders to understand and analyze the impact of customer experience data on the overall business. It will help retail decision makers to make improvements that will impact customer behaviors during their next visit and curtail competitive loss.

 “Average digital conversion rates are incredibly low — more than 96% of shoppers leave a site or app without buying anything.” – Dan Chester, ForeSee’s retail practice leader

Chester adds, “Understanding what they do next is one of the biggest challenges facing retailers today. Did they buy from you but in another channel? Did they buy from or visit a competitor? It’s impossible to understand or adequately resource digital if you don’t have answers to these key questions. Quantifying the positive influence digital is having on other channels drives productive internal conversations and debates.”

ForeSee Report
ForeSee Report

Accurately measuring and representing the impact and contribution of digital channels across the business is key to understanding the customer journey. According to the latest ForeSee report titled — “ForeSee Experience Index (FXI)”, nearly 25% of visitors who start in web or mobile end up buying in stores. Analyzing what customers do after they leave digital channels gives leaders insight into whether customers eventually purchased elsewhere, and why or why not. Decision makers can prioritize improvements that will impact customer behaviors during their next visit and stem the competitive loss.

The Digital Contribution product is just one of many ForeSee innovations that help business leaders prioritize strategic and tactical adjustments with certainty.

ForeSee Report
ForeSee Report

“It’s historically been a huge challenge to measure and understand cross-channel experiences and behaviors, and we’re confident this product will meet the immediate need of CX leaders,” Chester said. “For instance, we know that 54% of mobile shoppers will visit a competitor site or store, or a comparison shopping website, after they leave yours. This tool lets you see where they’re going, and why they’re going there, with minimal added complexity or setup. It’s a layer deeper than conversion, which is quickly becoming an archaic metric.”

By introducing the new CX product, ForeSee intends to offer detailed customer profiles based on customer satisfaction scores, customer intent, purchase behavior, demographics and other metrics to discover greatest opportunities for improvement.

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