Genesys Launches G-NINE to Enhance its Customer Experience Platform

Genesys Launches G-NINE to Enhance its Customer Experience Platform

Genesys’ G-NINE is the next revolution in CX innovation that creates magnificent customer experiences with AI

CMO, Genesys
Merijn te Booij, CMO, Genesys

Genesys, the  Omnichannel customer experience platform, has unveiled G-NINE, which powers customer experiences with a blend of Artificial Intelligence (AI), smart apps and proactive human touch. It announced the CX Innovation at CX17 Indy, its signature North American user conference.

G-NINE is an innovation framework that guides all Genesys offers and prepares organizations to thrive in the digital CX revolution.

Merijn te Booij, CMO, Genesys, said: “G-NINE answers the call from customers who want easy, effective and personalized service, as well as from organizations that are challenged to keep up with customer behavior and expectations – not to mention the pace and cost of technological innovation.”

The first G-NINE innovations on deck include:

Smart App Automation for voice and digital self-service

Genesys is the first and only vendor to deliver an app automation platform with more than 80 pre-defined micro-applications for voice and digital self-service. They deliver operational efficiencies and drive a better customer experience.

Customers can bring their own Bots

Genesys enables companies to bring their own bots, like those powered by IBM Watson, to its customer experience platform. It enables companies to seamlessly blend capabilities with native Genesys AI and machine learning systems to gain a deeper understanding of customer interactions across channels.

Meet Kate- a G-NINE innovation that offers AI with personality

Genesys will bring customer service-specific AI to market in the form of “Kate”- the personified AI ecosystem from Genesys. Kate brings her own micro apps and natural language understanding. Kate offers the capabilities of Blended AI, such as using IBM Watson for Big Data and bridging automation with the human touch.

“Our technology is purpose-built so that organizations can communicate more easily and effectively with people while running a smarter business. There is no other solution that will offer the depth and richness of G-NINE, as well as the proven track record to back it up,” said Booij. “It will be, quite simply, the most powerful customer experience solution available in the market.”

Contact center support for asynchronous messaging

Extends contact center support capabilities for customer conversations in asynchronous messaging through Genesys Hub, in popular channels like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, and WeChat.

Next Generation Engagement

Genesys extends the customer experience beyond traditional communication channels that includes voice, email, chat, social, and into the Internet of Things (IoT). This determines, in real-time, the best course of action given the user context, resource availability, customer profile and business attributes.

Genesys Customer Experience Platform has three offerings

It powers exceptional customer experiences for organizations of all sizes, regardless of whether they prefer cloud-based or on-premise solutions. The Genesys Customer Experience Platform includes PureEngage, an Omni-channel customer engagement suite, PureConnect, a multichannel engagement offering, and Pure Cloud, a unified customer engagement and employee collaboration solution.

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