IBM Watson Brings New-Age Fan Experience and AI-Based Analytics to Wimbledon

Wimbledon 2017


IBM Watson has enabled the All England Lawn Tennis Club to deliver a new-age customer experience and user assistance at Wimbledon

Between 1877 and 2017, the world’s oldest tennis tournament has witnessed a galactic change in how the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) brings this enthralling experience to its fans and audience. Each year, nearly half-million fans gather for the Wimbledon Championships. For two weeks in July, enthusiastic fans flock to The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club to watch the tournament unfold. In addition, 70+ million fans watch Wimbledon online and on TV. However, all that is incomplete without mentioning the cutting-edge IBM Watson-powered official Wimbledon 2017 website and app. IBM has been the “Official Information Technology Supplier and Consultant” to the AELTC for 28 years. For the 2017 edition, AELTC has collaborated with IBM Watson to deliver a new-age customer experience and user assistance, even if that means offering best travel alternatives to the event, or recommendations on dining at the best English restaurants.


#WhatMakesGreat: Discover Your Champion and See How They Fare

IBM Watson has turned into a professional tennis pundit, offering real-time analytics on how players at Wimbledon are performing and what it would take for them to be victorious in 2017. The algorithm also collates social media data from sporting experts and fans that have been following the event for a very long time.

#WhatMakesGreat is twitter hashtag used by IBM Watson to disseminate the analysis of the tennis players, based on their performance under pressure, first serve efficiency, service returns, stamina, and adaptation to court conditions and opponent’s playing style.

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IBM Watson is Using 22 Years of Unstructured Data

According to #WhatMakesGreat columnist Jamie Murray, Novak Djokovic is an “animal” on court while Rafael Nadal is most likely to last a marathon match, compared to Andy Murray!

IBM Watson is using 22 years of unstructured data, leveraging Watson Discovery Service that is used to analyze an estimated 53,713,514 tennis data points to date, captured since 1990.

IBM Watson

From Breaking Records to Defying Conventions on Court— Playing to the Gallery by IBM Watson

The fans at Wimbledon 2017 are prepared for live debates on who should be the greatest champion and how they have risen to the occasion. Who showed the burning spirit and who entertained fans the most— IBM Watson’s Personality Insights API uncovers diverse player traits and behaviors, based on interviews and analytics from online engagements by experts, commentators and fans.

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IBM Watson is also offering predictive insights on which player is driving the conversation among tennis experts. Currently, Watson’s analysis reported how experts are discussing more about a player’s service and baseline game compared to the last few editions.

Interestingly, the unstructured data analyzed by Watson also revealed how female players have improved their service game over the course of a decade, driving them closer to the male bastion of “big servers.”

Ask Fred—A Wimbledon Bot for Fans

Fred is named after the British lawn and table tennis champion, Frederick “Fred” John Perry. IBM Watson and Wimbledon introduced Fred, an AI-based bot to reinvent the fan experience and increase engagement o on smart devices. The IBM-powered app offers an enriching experience, setting up information on which court to visit and who to follow over the week.

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The bot also provides interactive navigation through the venue, enabling fans to interact with the other fans, experts, guests and if lucky—their champions!

IBM SlamTracker – Predict the Course of the Game

Wimbledon IBM SlamTracker features Cognitive Keys to the Match to allow fans access an extraordinary level of analysis, insights, and engagement as the match unfolds. The cross-platform analytics is built with mobile users in mind. Curating pre-match analytics to first-point insights, SlamTracker offers a really cool learning experience, especially for the young fans and ambitious parents.

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Video Highlights Enthral Audiences

The IBM-Wimbledon collaboration doesn’t end with the bot and analytics. IBM Watson has curated an AI-powered video series that is readily available for fans looking for a particular match or incidents. The AI engine programmatically builds a series ofvideo highlights by analysing the crowd’s noise, players’ movements, and match data to focus on key moments in the match. Now a fan need not miss an action on any of the six courts.

Role of AIin the Growing Prominence of Customer Experience in Marketing and Sales

IBM Watson’s cutting edge technology that brings machine learning algorithms to the center of the customer experience proves how autonomous engagements are crucial to the success of marketing strategies. With little human interaction, customers (Wimbledon, in this case) can execute their media strategies seamlessly across all channels – paid as well as non-paid, offering most relevant information at an unprecedented speed and scale. For marketers, AI offers a customer experience management platform that learns continuously, constantly optimizes and analyzes campaigns, and engagements, delivering the “best” experience at any time on a device.

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