Instapage Announces Integration with HubSpot to Bring Best-In-Class Customer Experience on Landing Pages


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Instapage has announced a crucial integration with leading inbound marketing and sales SaaS provider – Hubspot. In most cases, the effect of landing page optimization on the inbound marketing strategies is left unattributed and their capabilities remain under-utilized. However, things are likely to change in determining how effective landing pages are to overall marketing performance, especially from the context of providing best-in-industry customer experience. Thanks to this latest update on landing page optimization adding to your marketing automation and CRM platform.

In a bid to hit the ground running, most marketing teams and agencies end up making landing pages that look like a mat full of scattered Lego blocks. Building an effective landing page strategy that delivers flawless customer experience in the very first impression would no longer remain an unattributed component for marketers.

The latest integration with Instapage allows Hubspot users to build creative and personalized landing pages on the go. Such landing pages can churn the most out of ongoing digital advertising campaigns by engaging visitors with the fullest optimization of the digital assets. Marketing teams and agencies can create fully-customized, high-quality landing pages based on the insights provided by their Hubspot database. This directly brings the convergence of customer journey mapping provided by Hubspot with Instapage’s ubiquitous conversion-ready Landing Page Builder and Assets Library.

“At HubSpot, we’re dedicated to working with the best companies and tools around,” said Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot. “We’re excited to work with Instapage to expand our landing page capabilities for our customers and provide them with even more opportunities to generate leads.”

Marketers and HubSpot users who need greater design flexibility in their landing page platform will find it in this integration. Our feature-rich landing page solution, combined with HubSpot’s end-to-end marketing platform, allows for the creation of marketing campaigns that both inspire and convert.”  – Tyson Quick, founder and CEO of Instapage

You would agree that a flawed landing page can kill your chances of conversions. But, can you really predict how your landing page will perform for every customer? This might seem a challenging hurdle, especially for the ones who don’t have the luxury of inbound marketing and sales automation platform.

According to a report on Landing Page benchmark, B2B landing pages have a dismal conversion rate of 13.2%. Additional A/B testing of landing pages doesn’t make a huge difference to its ROI either. That’s why Instapage’s integration with Hubspot promises to incentivize the personalization of landing pages from the ROI-specific angle. Users with a Hubspot account can build series of highly advanced converting landing pages that seamlessly integrate with their leads database.

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