MRP Prelytix 2.0 Delivers Real-Time, Closed-Loop Predictive Analytics


MRP, a global predictive intelligence and customer acquisition company, announced it has launched Prelytix version 2.0, its newest predictive platform upgrade, which improves the real-time intelligence accessible to MRP clients, enhancing their understanding of customer intent and their ability to optimize marketing outreach, ultimately helping them acquire new, qualified customers faster.

Powered by Kx, the leader in ultra-high-speed processing of real-time, streaming and historical data, MRP’s Prelytix 2.0 boasts a 50x increase in intent data volume from previous versions. This increase, coupled with new natural language processing capabilities drives better clarity around what buyer intent signals mean.
Kevin Cunninghamn CEO at MRP
Kevin Cunningham, CEO, MRP

“Prelytix 2.0 further harnesses the power of our industry-leading predictive capabilities, giving our clients access to better intelligence, customized intent monitoring and real-time insights that fuel sales and marketing operations with a significant ROI. Prelytix 2.0 also facilitates feedback from sales and marketing results to continuously improve its effectiveness, creating a true closed-loop predictive customer acquisition engine,” said Kevin Cunningham, MRP chief executive officer and president.

MRP’s platform includes not only client and third-party intelligence, but also MRP’s proprietary second-party data, gleaned from responses to millions of marketing and sales touchpoints to guide the account-based marketing score.

MRP clients can leverage the power of Prelytix 2.0 with fully integrated, end to end, account-based marketing services and full integration with CRM and marketing automation platforms.

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