NewVoiceMedia to Host CloudFest with a Focus on Customer Success


CloudFest for Service, set in the studio of the fictional daytime talk show “Successful Conversations” is going to be hosted by NewVoiceMedia on 15th June from 2 to 6.30 pm at Wine and Wall @ One Market, San Francisco, California. A leading global provider of cloud contact centers and inside sales technology, NewVoiceMedia will present the programme that will draw attention to current trends and topics which influence customer service leaders and their decision-making process. Discussions will be held on subjects like venture capital, customer success and customer journey in a newly-evolved omnichannel world.

CloudFest will be emceed and moderated by the team that runs the globally renowned comedy show Speechless Live, who have been performing around the world since 2013. The team that has trained some big companies in the world is also famous for their stand-up comedy techniques and background in television production and video game development.

The event’s keynote presenter will be Allison Pickens, Chief Customer Officer at Gainsight, a leading customer success software company.

Attendees can register here

Pickens said, “The customer success industry came about because of a shift in the way companies make money. The rise in subscription business models means that revenue growth no longer looks like the classic ‘funnel’; it’s more like an ‘hourglass.’ Successful customers are a critical source of new revenue. At Gainsight, I’m always speaking with customer success leaders about the challenges they face and the best practices for how to resolve them, and I’m excited to present some of my findings at CloudFest.”

CloudFest will also present Jessica Dimino, Salesforce Administrator at WebPT, and Jeff Farr, Vice President of business strategy at ResorTime. Other speakers on customer success from the venture capital sector will include Anna Khan, Investor at Bessemer Venture Partners, Scott Kirk, Vice President at Technology Crossover Ventures, and Robert Keith, Senior Manager at Salesforce Ventures.

According to Scott Sampson, Chief Revenue Officer at NewVoiceMedia, “At NewVoiceMedia, we enable businesses all over the world to drive highly personalized interactions with their customers. We are pleased to be hosting CloudFest for Service as an opportunity for customer service leaders to come together, learn from one another, and come away with actionable insights they can put in place to build successful and personalized customer relationships”.


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