Sprinklr Brings Enhanced Social Authority to Customer Experience Management with New Extensions

Sprinklr Brings Enhanced Social Authority to Customer Experience Management with New Extensions
Sprinklr CXM Platform
Sprinklr CXM Platform

Sprinklr released five new extensions at its on-going inaugural Digital Transformation Summit, broadening the reach of its Experience Cloud platform

Within a month of arrival of the Adobe Experience Cloud, it’s time to welcome another Cloud-based Customer Experience Management solution that’s pumped with next-gen capabilities. This time Sprinklr has made headway into space, announcing powerful extensions to its Experience Cloud for Social Media Management. The new Cloud suite is packed with advanced capabilities in marketing, advertising, research, B2B commerce and customer service.

Latest extensions on Sprinklr’s CXM platform is focused on helping marketers to reach, engage and listen to what customers want across channels, business units, and markets. While, marketers are yet to affirm on the single, true definition of customer experience, Sprinklr’s effort to provide best-of-suite solutions puts businesses in commanding position to deal with the ever-changing, ever-disruptive CX space.

Start with Social to Build Customer Experience

Sprinklr, by announcing new extensions to its CXM platform, competently recommends CMOs to start investing in social media management and monitoring technologies to gain better traction in customer experience. Of course, the social media channels are complex and ambiguous, especially with difficulty in measuring real people audience data against bot traffic.


Sprinklr’s new extensions to Customer Experience Management (CXM) identifies the need to centralize traditional audience campaigns with social media and CX initiatives across marketing, advertising, research,  customer care and commerce.

New Extensions Will Help Negotiate Persistent CX Challenges

Sprinklr announced the extensions to its Customer Experience Cloud (CXM) platform at its on-going inaugural Digital Transformation Summit. The leading social media management company aims to offer ubiquitous “fit-for-all” CXM platform; the new extensions highlighting the mission with sublime authority.

Ragy Thomas, Founder of Spinklr, identified the persistent challenges that every marketer deals with —

  • Disjointed data: They’ve gathered years of valuable insights about customers. But it’s locked away in different parts of the organization.
  • Siloed teams: Different teams are managing different parts of the customer journey, but they’re not working together. They don’t see the customer through the same lens.
  • Disparate processes: Teams don’t talk to one another, and neither do their workflows. Marketing is showing ads to someone who just hung up on customer care.
  • Point solutions: Whenever there’s a new problem, a shiny new tool is called upon to solve it. There are many remedies for the symptoms, but no cure for the actual disease.
  • Unintelligent technology: Companies are competing in a digital world with analog tools that don’t scale. By the time the brand can find the right spreadsheet, the customer is long gone.
Customer-Centric vs Brand-Centric CXM via Sprinklr
Customer-Centric vs Brand-Centric CXM via Sprinklr

Despite establishing the fact that customers want a seamless experience across channels each time they interact with a company, most companies fail to deliver on this.

Coming of Age for Customer Experience as a Martech Category

Closely following on the heels of Adobe Experience Cloud, Oracle is also ready with its annual gala event—the Modern Marketing Experience 2017. As businesses go on an overdrive to identify #CXHeroes, it is definitely a quote set in stone— “CX is bigger than ever before, and there’s no end.”

Event Tag: Be a CX Hero: Register Today

Customers are intelligent, more informed, better connected and highly empowered digitally to make decisions on purchase and engagement quicker than ever before. Talking about Customer Experience Management, marketers no longer identify audiences as strangers. Marketing research firms acknowledge that CMOs are investing heavily in creating business models and technology stacks that focus on bringing best omnichannel CX.

According to Gartner, 89% of companies are competing on the basis of CX today than previously. By the end of 2017, 50% of consumer product investments will be redirected to customer experience innovations.

Thomas says, “Today, I’m calling for analysts, advisors, brands, technology vendors, and systems integrators everywhere to look at the landscape (CXM) through a fresh perspective. To see CXM as a unified set of capabilities, not as siloed and channel-based products. To recognize it as an industry category of its own, not an afterthought.”

Adding CXM is Just Half the Battle; Getting It Right is the Other Half

As Sprinklr CEO puts it–

“I recommend taking that same unified approach with your own technology infrastructure. While it is naïve to assume that one platform will rule all, it is time to move from a “best of breed” point solutions approach to a “best of suites” approach – bringing together 3-4 market-leading platforms to holistically manage customer experience at scale.”

In 2017,  marketers continue to battle it out with device identification and marketing attribution channels. Getting the right results with the CXM is still a distant reality– unless audience data metrics are brought into the picture. To be a successful marketing business in 2017, investing in CXM can no longer be an after-thought; but a pro-active, well-calculated strategy.

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