Sprout Social Launches Self-Configurable Bot Builder to Automate Conversational workflows

Designed for Customer Service Teams, Sprout Bot Builder Can Be Developed and Deployed in Minutes on Twitter

Social Media management platform, Sprout Social introduced Bot Builder, a new set of tools that empowers brands to resolve customer issues at a faster rate on Twitter.

The Bot builder is a part of Sprout’s Enterprise plan. It enables brands to create, preview and deploy Twitter chatbots in minutes.  All that brands need to do is follow the Bot Builder setup wizard instead of relying on outside contractors to develop bots.

Aaron Rankin, CTO, Sprout Social

“Sprout’s Bot Builder is built on the belief that great customer experiences come from real conversations. Automation should not replace human agents but augment their workflow to result in better and faster outcomes. We developed self-configurable bots to do just that. Brands can rely on the bot to quickly and consistently collect customer information, so the agent has context even before their first interaction,” said Aaron Rankin, CTO, Sprout Social.

Sprout’s Bot Builder enables brands to streamline conversations and map out customer experiences based on simple, rules-based logic. Ian Cains, Group Product Manager, Twitter, said, “Sprout Social has long been one of our favorite solutions for businesses who want to get the most out of engaging with customers on Twitter. We’re really excited that they’re keeping up their leadership by being the first to market with a scalable, simple Bot Builder designed for customer service teams.”

Human-Bot automation experience

A survey by Liveperson found that 67% of respondents reported that they used a chatbot for customer support in the past year. and 56% of people preferred to speak to a human over getting automated assistance.

Sprout believes that automation should not replace humans; rather it should augment their workflow to result in better and faster outcomes. Automation should support repetitive tasks and then transfer customers to human agents once they get the context to resolve their issue. Sprout Bot Builder allows pre-setting quick replies that on selection trigger auto-response.

Brands can set an automated response for each Quick Reply option to Welcome Messages. Thereafter, chatbots can continue the conversation and guide people to next steps.

“Before Quick Replies, we were going back and forth trying to get information to solve a customer’s problem. Now I can solve the problem with one message,” said Dorothy Spira, Social Media Specialist at Evernote. Since using Twitter Automation Tools in coordination with Sprout, Evernote has helped 80 % more customers on Twitter per week and seen an 18% decrease in replies sent per conversation.

Custom Avatars for customers to identify bots

In addition, Sprout’s Bot Builder offers a unique identity to brand bots called Custom Avatars that let customers know when they are talking to a bot versus a team member.

The bot builder offers seamless handoff of chatbot conversations between bot and agent in the Smart Inbox. All messages will stream into the Smart Inbox as users interact with Quick Replies and respond to chatbot’s questions. At any point in the conversation, the human agent can step in immediately and either reply, task, tag or mark as complete.

Sprout’s Bot Builder offers early access to Evernote, Monarch, Bloomsbury Books, and GVC Mortgage that are already using Twitter chatbots to better engage customers over Direct Message.

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