Technology Leaders CadmiumCD & Showcare Form Strategic Partnership

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Event Tech Firms Bring the Entire Event Cycle Together on a Unified Platform

CadmiumCD and Showcare, two leading event management software providers, announced their plans for partnership during ASAE Annual Conference. Showcare will provide CadmiumCD clients with registration and hotel contract management services to add to the CadmiumCD Event Management Platform’s suite of offerings. Together, CadmiumCD and Showcare cover the entire conference management cycle, from abstract, to registration to app. The partnership is an example of how CadmiumCD strives to bring events together, and both companies are committed to providing a seamless user experience for clients.
Michelle Wyatt, Partner & CEO of CadmiumCD

“We are thrilled to be able to provide another option for registration and housing to our clients,” says Michelle Wyatt, Partner & CEO of CadmiumCD. “Especially one that shares data with our systems.”

The greatest benefit of the new partnership is that data from Showcare registration systems integrates with the myCadmium Dashboard. Speaker, exhibitor, and attendee data can be shared with CadmiumCD’s submissions and reviews, speakers and exhibitor management, and attendee engagement products.

Benefits of the Showcare-CadmiumCD partnership:

– A step-based registration process developed by Showcare event management specialists to help clients create a user-friendly experience.

– Access to the CadmiumCD Event Management Platform and myCadmium Dashboard, plus support from CadmiumCD project managers.

– Integration with membership and association management databases like iMIS.

– Self-service check-in and registration, and simplified hotel reservation, contract negotiation management, and room block management.

– A single platform to manage speakers, exhibitors, and attendees, with updates to multiple databases via web services.
Robert Kozub, President & CEO of Showcare

“This partnership allows Showcare and CadmiumCD to focus on their unique strengths,” says Robert Kozub, President & CEO of Showcare. “The advantage is that we can build great products that become a unified platform for the marketplace.”

With 12 products that range from call for paper submissions, to onsite communications tools, CadmiumCD has built a strong platform for content management and distribution. Showcare offers leading registration solutions and housing management tools. Together, CadmiumCD and Showcare cover the entire conference management cycle before, during and after your event.


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