Thanks to Marketing Attribution by DialogTech, SnapCap Knows More About Its Key Customer Engagement Drivers

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker

This sums up the dilemma of every marketer in the world. However, things are changing rapidly for marketers with the innovation of cutting-edge marketing technologies built to extract more out of marketing attribution. SMB lender SnapCap managed to benefit from its strategic engagement with DialogTech, integrating its call attribution platform.

The Engagement with DialogTech

SnapCap employed DialogTech’s call attribution platform to find out and distinguish between the key engagement drivers and the prime converters in its inbound calls. The small business loan lender wanted to adjust its marketing resources to acquire more lead generation and follow them with positive conversions. Therefore, in January 2016, SnapCap decided to integrate DialogTech with its existing CRM platform by Salesforce.

How it works?

Video courtesy: DialogTech/YouTube

The Key Results

According to DialogTech, SnapCap witnessed a 30% rise in its calls-per-month, a direct indication of the factor that led to this positive outcome. The number of calls has since increased exponentially in the subsequent months. SnapCap marketing and sales team managed to drive more call conversions rather than answering traditional inquiries.

The DialogTech integration delivered following inferences.

  • Active loan borrowers have fewer inquiries and, thus, they are more likely to fill an online application form first.
  • Loan seekers who are sourced from social ads or display ads are more likely to call first and then fill out any information online

SnapCap, using these inferences, might strengthen its mobile marketing strategy and optimize its website to attract more loan borrowers. It definitely wants more prospects to call them directly first rather than await their filled forms. With most people using smart phones, reaching out to the prospects is easy and less painful compared to the web forms and chat-bots.

The Way Ahead for SnapCap

In 2017, omni-channel marketing attribution will play a big role in mobile marketing. SnapCap’s conversion ratio based on phone-tracking seemingly makes marketing look like a cake-walk. In short, at the end of the day, SnapCap knows about its ‘real’ customers who really want to buy a loan and from which likely source.


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