Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub Launches Powerful ‘Audiences’ Capability

Thunderhead ONE Engagement Hub

Leader In Customer Engagement Announces Advanced Feature In Latest Release To Drive Hyper-Personalised, Contextual And Relevant Conversations With Customers

Thunderhead, the leader in enterprise technology for customer engagement, unveiled its game-changing Audiences feature. Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub is a cloud-based customer engagement platform that uncovers unique customer insight and journey behavior. It enables enterprises across all industry sectors to understand their customers, providing real-time analytics and in-the-moment decisioning allowing brands to have continuous and relevant conversations across all online and offline customer touchpoints.

‘Audiences’ is the latest innovative feature to be added to Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub building on ONE’s unique ability to understand the customer journey and discover patterns of customer behavior. Brands can now leverage ONE’s real-time insight to build dynamic audiences of customers based on their journey context and use it to orchestrate even greater levels of personalisation. Using Audiences, brands can now be even more responsive to customer needs and easily continue conversations across sales, service, and marketing.

Additionally, in this release, Thunderhead have added even more functionality to the already advanced mobile capabilities of ONE and made enhancements that make it easier to deliver insight directly into business intelligence solutions. Thunderhead also confirmed a move to the sophisticated DataStax Cassandra infrastructure allowing ONE to be faster, more powerful and deliver broader insights at increased scale.

Jonathan Newman, VP, Chief Digital Officer at Office Depot Europe commented “Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub truly allows us to effortlessly engage with our customers. What’s impressed us is the speed of deployment and ease of use of the platform. This release demonstrates the constant innovation we’ve come to expect from Thunderhead. The new Audiences feature has been well received in the team as it paves the way for increased actionability in journey analytics and is a great addition to their unique solution for customer engagement.”

Ray Gerber Thunderhead
Ray Gerber

Chief Product Officer, Ray Gerber commented, “This latest release is a testament to our customer engagement vision and our philosophy of the customer-managed journey. While ONE provides powerful journey analytics, our vision is all about speed and actionability. Yes, brands need to listen and understand their customers but also be empowered by technology to quickly take action from valuable insight and deliver value to the customer throughout their journey. ONE allows forward-thinking brands to build a Customer Operating System™ that helps them build stronger and more valuable relationships with their customers and truly look beyond the journey map to real-time journey insight, actionability, and next generation decisioning.”

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