Yello Joins Thunderhead ONE Engagement Hub to Drive Customer Loyalty and Brand Advocacy

Thunderhead ONE Engagement Hub

Thunderhead, the leading technology provider for customer engagement, announced that Yello has signed up for ONE Engagement Hub. This will allow Yello to implement an omnichannel customer engagement strategy to enable its customers to attract and nurture their businesses more efficiently.

“Customers are our priority,” said Jens Scharnetzki, Chief Product Owner at Yello. “We evaluated the market and chose Thunderhead to help future-proof our customer engagement strategy. With Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub we are able to gather rich insight to build more meaningful dialogue and relationships with our customers. Beyond this customer engagement vision across Yello, our aim is to outperform the market on service and the on-going experiences that our customers have.”

What Thunderhead ONE Engagement Hub does to your martech capabilities?

Thunderhead ONE is the most readily available omnichannel customer engagement solution for marketers. It allows you to build a fully functional Customer Operating SystemTM for a unified view on customer journey across multiple touch points.

Glen Manchester, Thunderhead CEO said, “Customer engagement is critical for brands, and the ONE Engagement Hub is the Customer Operating System™ that enables enterprises to see and act from the customer perspective, building stronger and more meaningful customer relationships, and ensuring long-term loyalty and advocacy.”

By joining Thunderhead’s ONE, Yello will be able to gain unique customer preferences and insight, and journey behavior across online and offline channels. It enables Yello to drive conversation-led engagement, and quickly optimize marketing and retention strategies, building trust and stronger and more valuable relationships with their customers.

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