eRelevance Reveals How Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing Can Benefit Small Businesses


Company Data Shows That Sophisticated And Custom Multi-Channel Campaigns Increase Marketing Reach By Two Hundred To Five Hundred Percent For Small Businesses

eRelevance Corporation, a leading customer marketing automation service for small-to medium-size businesses, said that its integrated multi-channel marketing service provides notably improved reach, compared to email alone. The result is based on data collected from the company’s 800+ customers and millions of consumer interactions.

eRelevance Co-founder and CEO Bob Fabbio, said, “The marketing campaigns we execute for our customers across multiple marketing channels deliver a level of marketing sophistication previously not available to small businesses. Most small business are using only email blasting to market to customers because they don’t have the resources nor expertise to do more.  Using seven integrated marketing channels, we have seen campaigns reach up to 95 percent of targets—in some cases getting closer to 100 percent.  On average, this multi-channel approach has increased reach more than three times over email alone, which typically reaches only 10 to 20 percent.  These results translate into more business generated.”

A high level of sophisticated and customized multi-channel marketing campaign has become essential to reach today’s hyper-informed, distracted consumer, especially for resource-strapped small businesses trying to rise above the marketing noise.

A recent Forrester Research report named “Embrace The New Marketing Performance Measurement Standard , stated that “Forty-four percent of adults online in the US say they multitask sometimes, most of the time, or always. While marketers struggle to understand these cross-device journeys, customers expect brands to seamlessly deliver real-time, relevant experiences and content across all touchpoints.”

Relevance of eRelevance

eRelevance designs, creates and drives integrated, multi-channel campaigns on behalf of its customers, delivering custom content across targeted email, text and social ads, web, push notifications and two conversational experiences on a smartphone.

It enhances the conversational experience by leveraging advanced technology to enable automated interactions that feel like personal conversations between SMBs and their customers.  Its proprietary technology identifies users’ needs, desires and interest in products and services while learning about their hobbies and personal interests to deepen connections. It engages them on topics of their choice and these automated conversations progressively become more personalized by remembering responses from prior interactions.

The conversational app has delivered significantly higher conversion rates than all other channels because of the relevance of the messages and the consumer’s choice to engage. Ultimately, eRelevance reaches more people for its SMB customers, generating greater repeat business from their existing customers.

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