FlexChief Release Guide To Help SMBs Optimize Strategies and Achieve Strong ROI

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Outsourced marketing services provider FlexChief announces the publication of The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Sales and Marketing Teams Aligned.” Available as a free download, the guide explores what alignment means, why it’s important and how to implement it within any organization.

Discussing why his company chose to put together this eBook, FlexChief Founder and CEO Cris Frankel said, “we felt compelled to produce our latest publication because the marketing landscape is changing rapidly, and old processes no longer deliver the same ROI. For businesses that know the power of inbound marketing, what producing awesome content can do, having the proper marketing technology like Hubspot in place to generate more qualified leads, the missing link is sales and marketing alignment. Our guide shows how to implement that alignment, one step at a time.”

FlexChief is a Hubspot Certified Agency best known for providing its B2B and B2C clients with CMO or VP of Marketing expertise as part of each service tier. A group of industry professionals — possessing more than 30 years’ experience in the field — has worked together to develop this uniquely innovative sales and marketing alignment offering. FlexChief recognized that the market needed a more proactive sales enablement program. The new service offering fully addresses the needs of businesses that know there’s a disconnect between their marketing and sales teams, yet lack the time, expertise or technology to bridge the gap.

A more empowered, informed and deliberate consumer means that sales and marketing alignment is more important than ever. According to an Aberdeen Group study, highly aligned organizations achieved an average of 32 percent year-over-year revenue growth — while their less-aligned competitors saw a 7 percent increase.

“With only 22 percent of companies saying that their sales and marketing teams are tightly aligned, we believe alignment is one of the largest opportunities for improving business performance today. We call it ‘Smarketing,’ and I can confidently say from three decades of sales, marketing and business coaching experience, most companies’ sales and marketing teams do not communicate enough and are just not on the same page most of the time. Whatever the underlying cause, the fact is a business operating this way is like a car whose wheels are out of alignment. Worst of all, C-Level employers are often not aware of how misaligned their teams are and what it’s costing them,” added Frankel.

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