Google Credits StubGroup for Helping Online Retailer SuperBiiz See “Massive ROAS Growth”


In Under a Year, StubGroup Helped SuperBiiz’s ROAS Skyrocket to 1,929% for Mobile Ad Traffic, Its Conversion Rate Rose by 225%, and Its Revenue Increases by 56%

Google, the world’s leader in online search and search advertising, has published a brand-new case study featuring the successful partnership of digital marketing agency StubGroup and technology retailer SuperBiiz.

According to Google, StubGroup achieved “massive ROAS growth” for SuperBiiz by creating a multifaceted campaign aimed at optimizing the retailer’s mobile performance via Google AdWords.


“We know mobile is big now,” says Yan Yan, SuperBiiz’s Marketing Manager. “That’s why we started to focus more on this area. StubGroup spent a lot of time and effort to help us generate more revenue, so we’re happy about that.”

In 2016, StubGroup helped SuperBiiz resolve several longstanding mobile tracking issues and then increased SuperBiiz’s mobile AdWords spending based on the newly trackable engagement data. Performance immediately began to improve, particularly from users who were routed to SuperBiiz’s mobile site. Through continued testing and corresponding campaign optimizations by StubGroup, SuperBiiz’s return on ad spend (ROAS) soared to 1,929% from mobile ad traffic during Q4 2016. Their bounce rate dropped by 93%, while their conversion rate rose by 225%. Transactions and revenue increased by 268% and 56%, respectively.

“With SuperBiiz, we saw an opportunity to leverage Google’s tremendous mobile presence and help SuperBiiz reach their customers right where they are in their buying journey — which for many is on their mobile devices,” says Tim Horn, StubGroup’s co-founder. “We are thrilled by the outstanding results SuperBiiz has seen in response to our mobile campaigns, and we’re excited by what Q4 2017 holds in store for them as well.”

The StubGroup is a digital marketing agency and Premier Google Partner, ranked by Google in the top 3% of all Google Partners worldwide based on the performance StubGroup delivers their clients. StubGroup is committed to delivering measurable results and helping companies ranging from small local businesses to publicly traded corporations increase their bottom line through stellar marketing strategies.

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