Meet Anura, the Next-Gen Technology to Combat Fraudulent Traffic Using Audience Analytics

Meet Anura, the Next-Gen Technology to Combat Fraudulent Traffic Using Audience Analytics

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Anura is eZanga’s latest technology to combat fraudulent ad traffic, using real-time analysis of user behavior

Top marketers are firm about their stance on endorsing ad verification policies and technologies that help them block non-human/bot traffic effectively. Seen as a remarkable step towards combating ad fraud, which is significantly (rightly so!) associated with non-human traffics, eZanga has built a tool that hunts down bot traffic, identifies real people and enhance conversion rates. It’s called Anura.

Last week, eZanga, the leading digital marketing company, unveiled its new division – Anura, to help businesses increase the percentage of ads viewed by real people, and, in return, increase accuracy and conversion rates. Developed with more than a decade of client input, campaign data and analyzed clicks, Anura delves into campaigns from the advertiser’s perspective.

Rich Kahn, CEO and founder of eZanga spoke to MTS on how Anura helps marketers monitor their ad campaigns effectively.

Kahn says, “Anura can recognize the difference between a real user and a fake user, meaning a bot or human click fraud. Anura is designed to identify the real people so marketing efforts aren’t wasted by being directed to fake people.”

Analytics from Anura to Understand Ad Fraud Impact

As of now, there were not many technology solutions that could provide exact analytics on how ad frauds impact engagements and conversions. By introducing Anura, eZanga enables advertisers to investigate analytics behind their traffic in order to not lose conversions.

Kahn adds, “Anura succeeds where other solutions come up short by shining a spotlight on what drives the fraud, where is it coming from and what you need to block it.”

The technology, used and approved by beta testers to isolate good traffic from the bad by validating the user as opposed to how it interacts with an ad. Unlike other systems, the dashboard can compute robust sets of data into specific, client-driven categories that can easily be exported into reports.

What makes Anura an easy tool to work with?

The dashboard is a simple, transparent interface that allows users to examine where fraudulent traffic originates and its impact on ad campaigns. Its speed and scalability is made possible by Oracle’s enterprise class database. Anura is hosted on IBM Bluemix, formerly SoftLayer, enabling businesses to experience the advantage of scalable, agile server infrastructure.

Oracle’s Role in Scaling up Anura’s Capabilities for the Market

Acknowledging Oracle’s contribution in building Anura’s capabilities, Kahn mentions,

“In order to produce the platform that we have for data analysis and analytics for the client, it’s a massive database undertaking. To have the data available in real-time, we researched several different database solutions. Oracle has a solution that made the most sense for us and they’re one of the biggest, if not the biggest, database solutions in the industry. Using Oracle allows Anura to scale rapidly all while handling the complexity of our data.”

Customers who participate in Anura’s beta testing acknowledge its effectiveness in the Ad Tech Traffic Auditing Space. The tests comparing Anura’s engine to its competitors, revealed that Anura didn’t throw out the good traffic and produced more conversions at less cost for increased revenue.

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