The Weather Company and LiveRamp Partner to Allow Marketers to Leverage Weather Data

The Weather Company and LiveRamp Partner to Allow Marketers to Leverage Weather Data

LiveRamp IdentityLink will use Weather’s event-based WEATHERfx data to create people-based audience data to be used by LiveRamp clients to drive digital marketing campaigns

The Weather Company, an IBM Business, collaborated with LiveRamp, an Acxiom® company, to enable marketers to seamlessly integrate Weather’s real-time data to help drive decision-making in Omni-channel digital campaigns.

WEATHERfx platform is the first data set from The Weather Company available via LiveRamp, an identity resolution provider offering data onboarding. This first-of-its-kind data integration allows an ‘event-based’ data set to be matched with an ‘audience-based’ data set in real-time.

LiveRamp IdentityLink product Capabilities

Luke McGuinness, Head of Data Partnerships, LiveRamp, said, “Weather conditions impact a vast number of consumer decisions. The Weather Company has one of the most robust sets of highly precise and accurate weather data, and the ability to extract insights from the season and real-time data will be nearly boundless.”

Through LiveRamp IdentityLink Data Store, advertisers can improve their personalized marketing by applying Weather’s influential data set in their campaigns. These real-time consumer insights derived from weather, location and other data sources, enable marketers to target and engage more effectively by placing their brand in front of the right audience.

Jeremy Hlavacek, VP, Global Automated Monetization, The Weather Company, remarked, “We’ve also seen this data successfully applied in many ways – from a QSR driving an increase in foot traffic because they learned that coffee sales spike when there is lower humidity in Atlanta to an automotive brand seeing a spike in social engagement for a campaign dedicated to touting superior driving performance in winter conditions.”


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