Inc. Magazine Lists DiscoverOrg as One of the Top 50 Best Workplaces in June 2017

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DiscoverOrg Scores High as a Business with Outstanding Employee Engagement According to Inc. Magazine

According to Inc. Magazine, DiscoverOrg has made its mark as one of the top 50 Best Workplaces for
2017. The employee survey conducted by Inc. Magazine has confirmed that DiscoverOrg has scored higher than other software and IT companies of the same size in most categories listed in the survey.

Inc. Magazine conducts this wide-ranging and comprehensive survey that measures the kind of work environment created by American companies in terms of in-depth employee engagement, culture, and key benefit factors.

In order to ensure complete precision in assessment, Inc. has partnered with employee engagement and work culture experts Quantum Workplace. The survey results clearly reflect how innovative companies can redefine and enhance the process of hiring and retaining the best talent. To participate in this survey, companies have to be based in the US with a minimum of 10 employees. They can be independent or privately held but not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies.

Henry L. Schuck
Henry L. Schuck, CEO & Co-Founder, DiscoverOrg

“This honor is a reflection of the culture we’ve worked hard to create at DiscoverOrg. Our entire team is committed to a singular purpose of accelerating growth– both for our customers and our employees. We recognize that every single employee is an integral part of the company’s overall success,” said Henry Schuck, DiscoverOrg CEO.

Inc. and Quantum had witnessed that certain distinct ideas develop during the research and the study; such as, “Strong company cultures breed stunning individual and team performance” and “When employees feel valued by their organization, they are far more likely to be engaged.” This single factor proved to be one of the largest drivers of employee engagement.

Within the survey, DiscoverOrg employees stated that the company encourages leadership that drives them to learn, grows, and becomes better in their roles. At the same time, it treats them with dignity and honesty while providing ample and on-going training. Employees consistently emphasized the presence of a collaborative environment of mutual care and respect, inclusivity, and the feeling of being valued as an employee and a human. The word ‘fun’ emerged as the top term from DiscoverOrg’s “culture cloud.”

The 2017 survey from Inc. Magazine evaluated applicants on the basis of benefits provided and employee responses in an exclusive 30-question survey fielded by each of the applying companies. The Quantum research team has assessed the responses from the companies. Each company was supposed to achieve a numerically significant response rate according to their employee count to have qualifying results.


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