eTrigue Adds New Low-Cost Automation Enhancement to Simplify Multi-Step Marketing Campaigns

eTrigue Adds New Low-Cost Automation Enhancement to Simplify Multi-Step Marketing Campaigns

eTrigue launched DemandCenter Seven Marketing Automation last week with user-friendly technology capabilities.

Many organizations lack the resources to effectively leverage complicated and expensive marketing platforms offered by providers such as Eloqua and Marketo. To make it easy for smaller marketing teams, eTrigue® Corporation announced the release of DemandCenter™ Seven. This is a significant enhancement to its award-winning marketing automation platform. DemandCenter is more personal, more productive and features extensively enhanced in-app navigation.

eTrigue DemandCenter Seven Benefits Smaller Marketing Teams

Marketers can leverage the simple, intuitive campaign builder to create multi-step campaigns quickly. The updated interface helps in finding right work area quickly, without peeling the layers of menus found on other platforms. Rated as a superlative marketing technology product, eTrigue DemandCenter Seven is beneficial for smaller marketing teams who want to increase the number of leads and conversions. Overall, eTrigue streamlines the entire interface, keeping the intelligent workflow intact.

We’ve simplified workflow by structuring the on-screen tools logically, with everything easily available to the user. With DemandCenter, it’s easy to create, deploy and benefit from campaigns at every level of complexity.

eTrigue DemandCenter is particularly effective for small marketing teams. It’s intuitive, improves marketing performance and features a very quick time to operation and ROI. Marketers can immediately take full advantage of the platform’s extensive capabilities.

  • Anonymous and Known visitor tracking
  • Drag-and-drop campaign creation
  • Real-time engagement statistics in every campaign
  • Campaigns and assets may be adjusted on-the-fly
  • Extensive reporting and analytics
  • Simplified prospect segmentation
  • Granular time-based scheduling
  • CRM integration or stand-alone
  • Webinar event integration

Churn Maximum ROI from  Investments in Marketing Automation

“eTrigue DemandCenter has been very easy to use, and lets us do a great deal at a low cost,” said Stephanie Flores, Assistant Vice President of Marketing, Pacific Compensation Insurance.

“Marketing automation is underutilized, particularly among small and medium businesses due to complexity, cost, and lack of internal resources,” said Cindy Zhou, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, Inc. “Solutions that are both feature-rich and easy to navigate are welcomed by marketers.”

Develop, Deploy and Drive Lead-Gen Programs Effortlessly

DemandCenter makes it easy for smaller marketing teams of all experience levels to rapidly develop and deploy effective demand generation programs and drive more revenue. eTrigue DemandCenter makes marketing automation effortless, with user-friendly drag-and-drop capabilities, simplified workflows, simultaneous campaign views and instant access to the resources and assets needed to build, test and deploy sophisticated marketing campaigns quickly.

“We looked carefully at what makes marketers successful. Multi-step and multi-flow campaigns have often been too difficult for many marketers to put together. eTrigue DemandCenter makes it simpler and faster for marketers to quickly leverage the more advanced aspects of marketing automation. eTrigue is the best value in full-featured marketing automation, especially for organizations with fewer resources,” said Jim Meyer, Vice President and General Manager at eTrigue.

Efficient Navigation Model to Increase Productivity

Marketers of all levels can develop successful marketing campaigns in a short time with eTrigue. DemandCenter Seven features a more efficient navigation model that increases productivity and is more personal to individual users. It features quick access to recently used assets, favorite reports, and work-area persistence, along with in-application chat and contextual user assistance that guides marketers through successful program creation and management.


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