Forrester Researcher Names FollowAnalytics as a Mobile-First Messaging Platform

Forrester Researcher Names FollowAnalytics as a Mobile-First Messaging Platform

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”- Albert Einstein

2016 demonstrated the importance of marketers breaking the norms of generalization and embracing personalization. As businesses move to Mobile-First strategy, customer experience is the ubiquitous discipline that every CMO must include in their marketing toolkits. Knowing every aspect of your mobile customer personally based on a broader set of analytics helps in making data-drive decisions with accurate projections. The success of mobile marketing in 2017, therefore, depends heavily on the degree of automation that marketers adopt in their campaigns. Enter FollowAnalytics.

Forrester Research Recognizes FollowAnalytics  as a Mobile-First Messaging Platform 

FollowAnalytics is a powerful marketing enabler that drives Enterprise Mobile Success in its truest sense. The mobile marketing automation platform has been recently recognized by Forrester Research in its March 2017 report, titled “Vendor Landscape: Mobile Messaging Platforms”, among Mobile-First Solutions. The report identified FollowAnalytics as a vendor in the Digital Intelligence Vendor Landscape, and Mobile Engagement Automation and Mobile Commerce Technology Vendor Landscapes.  This recognition maintains FollowAnalytics’ position in martech ecosystem as a complete Mobile Engagement Solution.

via FollowAnalytics
via FollowAnalytics

Earlier, Forrester’s November 2016 Mobile Engagement Automation Solutions Toolkit acknowledged FollowAnalytics’ sweet spot—bringing focused products to enterprise brands that are transforming to become Mobile-First. Last week’s “Vendor Landscape: Mobile Messaging Platforms” revealed how enterprises continue to struggle with mobile messaging due to poor collaboration and onboarding from mobile marketing enablers that provide solutions to the industry.

FollowAnalytics, as acknowledged by Forrester Research, strongly asserts itself as data-driven real-time engagement builder for Mobile-First businesses.

We believe this recognition by Forrester is a testament to the importance of enterprise mobile engagement automation and to FollowAnalytics’ critical role delivering that.” – Samir Addamine, Founder and Chairman of FollowAnalytics

What should businesses do to Build Mobile Moments?

Forrester Research, Inc. estimates there are over 30 billion mobile moments each day in the US alone. Marketers are yet to fully capitalize these mobile moments and meet consumer demands in real-time, for which they need automated solutions that deliver both speed and accuracy.

via FollowAnalytics Whitepaper
via FollowAnalytics Whitepaper

In his blog, Samir Addamine had identified mobile apps as the smartest and most effective medium to find, engage, retain and retarget customers, and reward them for their brand loyalty.

For businesses planning to embrace mobile engagement, Samir says –

“Mobile engagement begins with the initial download and builds from there. Every interaction can either strengthen or damage the relationship between brand and consumer, and every interaction counts. The allure of mobile marketing is that it leads to the all-powerful Mobile Moment, where a customer’s unique desires are addressed in the exact way and at the exact time they are needed.”

2017 will be Big: Predictive Mobile Engagement from FollowAnalytics

Early this year, FollowAnalytics launched new Mobile Optimization Suite, which includes Optimize AI, a cutting-edge split-testing technology powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). Additionally, FollowAnalytics also provides optimizer products like Smart A/B Testing, Segment-Based Optimization and Messaging Classification. These optimization tools for mobile marketing helps marketers find the perfect resonating pitch that cut through the barriers of device, demographics and content delivery models.

To stay ahead of the competition, mobile-first is the clear answer. Addamine elaborates on how mobile technologies have evolved in the last two years–

“Our track record of helping them do so positions us as the leading enterprise mobile success solution.  Two years ago, enterprises were slow to adopt mobile technologies and as a result fell behind; however as mobile apps solve business problems and enrich customer relationships; companies are realizing the need for long-term investments in mobile technologies, especially in finance, retail and travel.”

FollowAnalytics also enhanced its message-building tools that allow you to create push notifications and in-app messages easily, the value addition being the template library it offers to help you build pop-ups, banners, and native alerts. You can also create custom HTML5 messages.

Emphasizing on the importance of automation in mobile app marketing,  Forrester’s November 2016 report, titled “Vendor Landscape: Mobile Engagement Automation Solutions,” states — “to deliver on customer expectations, mobile demands a new engagement model — yet marketers are still doing old things in new ways. Today’s customers demand a seamless, integrated brand experience delivered to them with ultimate simplicity and relevance in real time.”

Going forward, CMOs are expected to invest significantly in mobile marketing and engagement automation technologies that create immersive experiences while maintaining complete control of brand and style across omnichannel streams.

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