Infusionsoft Propel Arrives to Deliver Automatic Personalized Branding for Small Businesses

Infusionsoft Propel Arrives to Deliver Automatic Personalized Branding for Small Businesses

Infusionsoft, the leading marketing and sales automation software, today announced the launch of Infusionsoft Propel at its ongoing four-day annual event, ICON. Infusionsoft Propel is a mobile-based solution that enables businesses with no marketing expertise to grow their business more steadily.

Technology is reshaping consumer expectations, making it possible and necessary for small businesses to connect with prospects and customers in the ways they demand today. That was a key message from Infusionsoft’s Chief Operating Officer, Terry Hicks, at ICON.

Infusionsoft Propel Offers Step-by-Step Personalization Builder

Infusionsoft Propel starts by easily organizing customer information in one place, then allows owners to choose from proven marketing campaigns, designed by experts. Once selected, Propel guides owners through an easy, step by step experience to personalize and run the campaigns in minutes. Propel’s simplified experience allows any small business to grow its sales in days versus weeks or months.

“We’re making our products simpler than ever before and significantly expanding our total addressable market to meet the sales and marketing needs of millions of small businesses around the world,” said Hicks.

Infusionsoft Propel Key Features and Benefits

– Organized Customer Information

Propel collects and organizes customer information wherever it resides, giving users a single, consolidated view and ability to run campaigns

– Guided Experience

A simple, guided questions & answers experience with a little time commitment that helps users personalize and launch campaigns in just minutes.

– Templated, Proven Campaigns

Choose from dozens of proven, templated campaigns that ensure a professional outcome – without forcing owners to develop marketing skills.

– Automation Recommendations

Guides users through the automated follow-up steps recommended to improve results and simplify growth.

– Automatic Personalized Branding

The tool “scrapes” a business owner’s website for the company logo and color scheme to create a personalized business appearance with no effort.

Marketing Knowledge Arrives on Your Smartphone

Hicks adds, “Many businesses lack the marketing knowledge and technical expertise of the customers we have traditionally served. In the broader small business community, owners often scramble to find ways to connect and follow up with prospects in between performing their day to day services. So, we created a solution that simplifies connection and follow-up, reflects their essential needs and works from their smartphone – and early feedback is that we’re off to a great start with Propel.”

“For example, a user can answer just a few questions and with no marketing knowledge, run a referral or other follow-up campaign in just a few minutes,” said Hicks. “What really matters to a small business is sales and quick results, and early users of Propel are seeing new sales in just 24 to 48 hours after launching a campaign.”

More New Products Added to Existing Automation Suite

In addition to Infusionsoft Propel, the company unveiled several new products and enhancements to its existing product family to simplify growth for the sales and marketing savvy small businesses and marketing professionals it has traditionally served–

Landing Pages

Simplifies getting and capturing leads with a best-in-class feature set that enables users to publish beautiful, modern pages that convert, in just minutes

Facebook Advertising Services

A done-for-you advertising service that runs Facebook ads on a customer’s behalf each month, generating leads that are sent to their Infusionsoft account

WordPress Integration

Infusionsoft users who have built their website on the WordPress platform can now easily place a simple opt-in form anywhere on their site and have completed form data automatically submitted into Infusionsoft CRM, campaigns and more.

Vimeo Business Integration

Users can add an email capture box within a video to capture leads and send them directly to Infusionsoft. With Vimeo and Infusionsoft, users can connect with customers, drive conversions and make their videos go further than ever before.

Automatic translation for International Customers

Infusionsoft users can now automatically create a seamless, end-to-end experience for their customers who don’t speak English. Their customer-facing pages built in Infusionsoft will now be automatically translated into French, Portuguese, Spanish, or German.

Infusionsoft Stays Committed to Empower Small Businesses

By launching Infusionsoft Propel, the automation software maker exemplified the commitment to realizing its mission to simplify sales and marketing for millions of small businesses. Currently, Infusionsoft focuses solely on empowering small business success and provides a powerful, integrated sales and marketing automation solution.

Combining CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce, and payments solutions into one platform, with a vibrant marketplace of apps, integrations, and partners, Infusionsoft helps small businesses scale their sales and marketing and accelerate growth. The privately held, eight-time Inc. 500/5000 company is based in Chandler, Arizona and is funded by Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital Ventures, Mohr Davidow Ventures and Signal Peak Ventures.

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