Social Media Analytics and Advocacy Are Key to B2B Sales Intelligence and ABM


For Oktopost, the next generation of social media is already here as it begins its journey as a partner in Marketo Accelerate program

In the first of this five-part series, we examine how Oktopost’s customers would benefit from joining the Marketo Accelerate Program.

Leading engagement marketing software company, Marketo announced the first set of MarTech partners to join its Marketo Accelerate Program. The partners would empower marketers with the technologies they need to build a best-of-breed marketing platform to listen, learn, and engage with buyers seamlessly across channels. The growing prominence of social media intelligence for B2B commerce has shown marketers how easy it is to manage, measure, and amplify marketing campaigns using social media management platforms. Oktopost, a leading B2B social media management platform, is among the five martech companies who have joined the Marketo Accelerate program.

Gain a 360-Degree View of Lead Journeys across Every Channel

Daniel Kushner Oktopost
Daniel Kushner

In the first of our five-part series, we spoke to Oktopost CEO, Daniel Kushner,  to understand what is in store for the customers who want to use social advocacy and adaptive tools for B2B commerce.

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 Social conversations are getting smarter and more effective in driving sales. B2B marketers use audience analytics, social engagement, and content metrics to measure what it takes to attract followers and build an ever-growing community. Oktopost provides ‘data portability’, offering marketers unlimited access to social data for analysis that is easy to read, report, and share. This would now be available to the Marketo Accelerate partner community as well!

Daniel said, “The strengthened relationship between Marketo and Oktopost means we can help our customers deliver an engaging, more personalized experience to their prospects and clients. Given the additional layer of social intent data in Marketo, our customers gain a 360-degree view of their lead journeys across every channel, including social media, in order to fuel laser-focused lead attribution, lead nurturing, and lead scoring programs in Marketo.”

Daniel explained, “Through Marketo Accelerate, our customers will be able to understand which content topics made leads click and convert, which campaign this content came from, and who posted the content in the first place. The more behavioral data our customers have on leads, the better they can manage, target, and convert them over time, and across other channels like email and website.”

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Genesis of Next-Gen Social Media Intelligence

Social media analytics and advocacy are key to B2B sales intelligence and ABM. When asked if the Accelerate program would ensure more conversions and ROI for Oktopost’s customers, Daniel replied, “From day one, our customers knew If they’re in B2B and want to establish and improve their social media ROI, they need to be using Oktopost. Now, being recognized by Marketo as the best-in-breed social media management and employee advocacy platform, our customers can feel confident that they have made the right decision.”

For Oktopost, the next-generation of social media is already here and with Marketo, the company is excited about embarking on the journey to bring users an innovative, robust, and data-driven social media marketing solution.

Daniel said that joining forces with Marketo would help Oktopost deliver what it does best, “drive social media value for our customers.”

Competition and Collaboration of a Different Order

The Marketo Accelerate program is unique in its approach and in how it allows MarTech partners to grow and sustain their competitive advantage, which comes from collaboration.

“Living together under Marketo’s ecosystem serves as an exciting opportunity for Oktopost to work with other world-class marketing solutions. As we join forces and combine our expertise, we will enable digital marketing teams around the world to stay at the forefront of the Engagement Economy and drive smarter (not harder) social media strategies,” the Oktopost CEO said.

As the Marketo Accelerate community grows, Oktopost is determined to add more power to its social media tools.

Daniel added, “With the power of the Marketo Accelerate community, we are able to take advantage of our synergy, bringing data-driven social media tools to the fingertips of the most advanced sales teams. In light of the Engagement Economy, we will take this opportunity to help them leverage powerful social media channels through limitless options, bypass traditional selling techniques, and build trustworthy relationships with prospects.”

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