Marketo and Infor Join Hands to Bring Best-In-Class Marketing Solutions in the Engagement Economy

Marketo and Infor Join Hands to Bring Best-In-Class Marketing Solutions in the Engagement Economy


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Marketo and Infor pair up to take on the biggies in marketing automation and SaaS industry. Official integration of two platforms is likely to be complete by 23 April.

This could well be the most defining moment of the martech industry in 2017— partnership between Infor and Marketo. In a bid to take on the biggest names in marketing technology industry, which includes Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe, Microsoft, SAP and IBM, Infor has joined hands with Marketo, the leading marketing automation company.

Infor, a leading US-based enterprise Cloud-as-a-Service provider, tied up with Steve Lucas-led Marketo, committing to sell their products jointly to businesses looking for best-in-class marketing automation and sales acceleration software. The immediate goal is to enable marketing and sales achieve maximum ROI from their martech investments, which largely revolves around marketing automation, sales enablement, and CRM software.

“The explosion of digital technologies and touchpoints has made it challenging for enterprises to deliver the experiences that customers demand today,” said Steve Lucas, CEO of Marketo.

“Marketers are looking for solutions that enable a seamless and meaningful experience across devices and channels. Our partnership with Infor, a global leader in customer experience, provides market-leading engagement technologies that enable brands to create personalized and authentic experiences at scale for their customers. The partnership also broadens distribution of engagement technologies to meet the increasing global market need.”

By joining forces, Infor and Marketo are expected to compete more effectively against established names in marketing technology industry like Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Adobe, and others. Interestingly, the CEOs of both companies have spent significant time at the top companies.

This strategic partnership brings together two market leaders who are delivering innovative customer engagement solutions unmatched by the legacy marketing stack vendors. More specifically, the strategic partnership will:

  • Create more value for the market by integrating Marketo’s Engagement Platform with Infor’s Customer Experience Suite to provide marketers with (a more) complete view of their customers so they can create personalized and authentic experiences that engage them across channels and devices
  • Broaden the reach of Infor and Marketo engagement solutions across their combined customer base
  • Drive greater sales and marketing alignment by providing account teams with a deep, holistic view into their customers’ journeys, and enabling them to deliver the best experience to every customer at scale
  • Leverage an experienced sales engine focused on CMO relationships
Charles Phillips, CEO at Infor
Charles Phillips, CEO at Infor

“Engaging with target buyers today means doing so on their terms. Gone are the days of ‘spray and pray’ marketing. The Infor + Marketo solution aligns with our overall digital transformation strategy providing customers speed to transform while adding value to relationships at the right time, through the right channels – better than anything else available,” said Charles Phillips, CEO of Infor.

Charles Phillips, CEO at Infor since 2010, was the President of Oracle for 7 years between 2003 and 2010. Phillips was brought at the helm of affairs by Infor along with three other senior executives, including COO Pam Murphy and President Duncan Angove.  Meanwhile, Steve Lucas, CEO of Marketo, has earlier worked with SAP and Salesforce ( This makes Infor and Marketo pair formidable enough to take on the top players in marketing and sales automation market.

In 2016, big martech companies, like Salesforce, acquired many smaller start-ups to extend their market penetration and product diversification. In 2017, the trend in martech is likely to shift towards B2B partnerships, where companies like Infor and Marketo join hands to offer their products at scale, without disrupting the industry.

The official integration between Marketo and Infor is most likely to be complete by April 23, which is the inaugural day of Marketing Nation Summit.

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