Marketo Lifts the Veil off Project Orion; Introduces It as Enterprise-Ready Platform for Best-In-Class CX

Marketo Lifts the Veil off Project Orion; Introduces It as Enterprise-Ready Platform for Best-In-Class CX

Ten months after Marketo revealed its ambitious platform re-architecture project code-named Project Orion, the leading marketing automation solutions provider finally unveiled it. Marketo announced the availability of its next-gen Engagement Platform on Thursday, offering marketers a ready-made platform to grow customer LTV through personalized customer engagement at scale.

“We are delighted to formally announce the public availability of the Marketo Engagement Platform, the industry’s most scalable platform for CMOs to build their brand, grow revenue, and thrive in the new digital world we call the Engagement Economy,” said Steve Lucas, chief executive officer, Marketo.

“The Marketo Engagement Platform underscores our continued leadership and innovation in marketing, as well as Marketo’s commitment to delivering breakthrough solutions that enable organizations to connect with their customers and prospects like never before.”

Marketo’s latest engagement solution arrives at a critical juncture when marketers have a ready access to a multitude of new revenue technologies and touch-points that have essentially changed the ways buyers interact with brands. Buyers demand more meaningful experiences that connect with them personally and adapt to their needs over time. Marketers, challenged to create these individual experiences at scale, face ever-rising complexity of unifying together their existing marketing technology stack.

The new architecture of Marketo’s Engagement Platform changes this entirely by reducing the complexity of digital transformation by bringing together a company’s essential customer data and touch-points seamlessly in one unified platform. This gives marketers the ability to listen, learn, and engage like never before.

Quick Snapshot of what Marketo’s Engagement Platform Offers

Marketers can take full advantage of the platform’s distinguishing capabilities, including:

Capture the right customer data

Bring together the customer behavioral and profile data to engage customers at scale and manage their identities.

Personalize & automate experiences across channels 

Use data, customer insights and artificial intelligence to automate and personalize every experience across the customer lifecycle and across marketing channels, including email, web, ads, events, social, mobile, and more.

Optimize business impact

Tie marketing efforts to business outcomes, like pipeline and revenue, and optimize marketing performance with analytics at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

The Marketo Engagement Platform is comprised of three functional areas that give marketers the flexibility they need to evolve their digital marketing capabilities over time. These include –

Engagement Marketing Hub

Set of customer identities and data, and the APIs to bring this data into and out of the platform. This also includes the automation, analytics, and adaptive engines that power customer insights and automated execution across the platform’s applications.

Marketo’s Marketing Applications

Natively-built 12 best-in-class apps that include Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Web Personalization, and Predictive Content, among others

Partner Applications

Readily available applications to leverage Marketo’s open and extensible architecture that are available through LaunchPoint®, Marketo’s ecosystem of best-of-breed partner technologies that helps organizations optimize, complement, and expand their use of the platform.

The platform’s foundation leverages proven high-compute, innovative technologies such as Apache Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, druid, and more, seamlessly integrated for best-in-class performance. This multi-component architecture is currently being rolled out to Marketo customers and will provide the foundation on which additional engagement marketing services for enhanced performance and scalability will be delivered in 2017 and beyond.

The Background Story of Project Orion

The commercial launchpad for Project Orion was set up in May at the 2016 Marketo Marketing Nation Summit. Former Chairman and CEO at Marketo Phil Fernandez had then mentioned about the prospects of Project Orion via blog –

“Code-named Project Orion, it will have the capacity to handle 40 million events per customer per hour, store quadrillions of customer events within a few years, and handle 90 percent of analytics queries within five seconds.”

“This new platform will become the fabric of the enterprise, allowing companies to hear their customers everywhere they are, and enabling marketers to guide their customers at exactly the right place and the right time. Technologies like this will ensure that companies never leave the side of the customer.”

By unveiling Project Orion at a commercial level, Marketo users can finally see their digital marketing initiatives bear fruitful results fertilized by prescriptive and at-scale technologies. The Marketo Engagement Platform announcement is just one part of an exciting year of innovation from Marketo. Next month at its annual Marketing Nation® Summit, the company will formally outline its innovation agenda for the year.

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