Mirabel Technologies Becomes an Integrated Product Partner of Unbounce’s Widely-Used Landing Page App


Mirabel Technologies, a global leader in integrated publishing solutions, and creator of Mirabel’s Marketing Manager, a lead identification and marketing automation CRM platform, has become an approved integrated app partner of the Unbounce platform, which allows marketers to quickly create, launch and test high-converting landing pages and website overlays without web developers. Currently categorized as CRM and Marketing Automation products within Unbounce’s “ecosystem” of integrated marketing solutions, Unbounce users can now directly transfer their landing pages’ leads directly into the Marketing Manager CRM with one click. Once captured within Mirabel’s Marketing Manager, all digital marketing interactions associated with that Unbounce lead can be automatically tracked along with logged sales activities.

Mark McCormick, President of Mirabel Technologies
Mark McCormick

“Unlike traditional CRMs, which may only show sales interactions, or marketing attribution systems, which solely track marketing engagement, our system does both. Our clients can use the Marketing Manager to clearly illustrate what combination of activities converted a prospect into a customer,” said Mark McCormick, President of Mirabel Technologies.

Aside from its CRM and marketing attribution features, Mirabel’s Marketing Manager also uses its proprietary database of over 9+ million businesses and 90+ million email addresses to automatically append data to each Unbounce lead. Information such as job titles, phone numbers, fellow employees, company revenue, amongst other relevant data can help sales reps improve the quality of their sales calls and save time researching.

“Because the Marketing Manager gives you an inside look at an organization, we can immediately assign a quality score to that lead. From there, our team can assess the quality of leads being generated from each vehicle on a digital media buy, and optimize it accordingly,” said Andy Balch, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Mirabel Technologies.

Each time a relatively unknown Unbounce lead is captured within the Marketing Manager, it has the potential to transform into a sales opportunity within the CRM pipeline. Over time, captured leads can also be ranked based on aggregated scores of web behaviors indicative of purchase intent. Digital interactions, such as web page views, email opens, content downloads, meeting requests, and even email opt-outs can be given a positive or negative numeric score that can help sales reps prioritize prospects.

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