Nimble’s Contact Manager Integrates With Office 365, G-Suite and 80+ Cloud Apps


Nimble’s Team Contact Manager Unifies A Company’s Business Contacts Into Single, Shared Relationship System of Record

High-end CRM platform Nimble has launched Nimble Contact, an easy-to-use contact relationship manager for individuals and teams. Nimble Contact simplifies relationship management by unifying company contacts from Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Gmail and iCloud; social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; and more than 80 SaaS-based sales, CRM, marketing, customer service and accounting applications into a single system of record.

Jon Ferrara
Jon Ferrara

Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara, previously founder of GoldMine, the company that pioneered Contact Management and CRM, believes that both Contact Management and CRM are broken. He created Nimble Contact because it’s difficult to cultivate relationships amidst the chaos of people’s de facto contact platforms, business apps and social platforms.  Critical contacts and engagement history are strewn across stacks of scribbled-on business cards, hastily added email contacts, multiple email accounts, social media streams, and unviewed calendar reminders.

Jon contends that companies face an even bigger challenge when departments lock their contacts into specialized sales, marketing, customer service and accounting silos.

Drive behind Nimble Contact: Connect with Real People, Do Business with Real People

At the time of this announcement, we asked Jon about the idea behind bringing social business insights within sales and marketing automation platforms. Jon said, “People want to connect with real people, and they want to like the people they do business with. It’s through an emotional linkage with customers that sales and marketing professionals gain trust, really engage, and feel good as about the brand promise and customer journey.”

He added, “A single system of record for all your contacts, email communications, and activities—including engagement on social channels—turns a 2-D Marketing Qualified Lead into a fully developed person. With that view, you can begin to deepen the relationship.  Nimble is the glue that helps teams and individuals to cultivate human relationships at scale, without having to toggle between applications.  Our newly available AI-powered sales intelligence feature enables users to look up missing contact details – including email, phone number and address – for any business contact tracked in your system, without having to toggle between applications.”

Nimble Contact can integrate contact data from market-leading sales, CRM, marketing, customer service and accounting applications into a single, social system of record, together with individual and team contacts from Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Gmail and iCloud and from social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Nimble delivers a holistic view  of contacts and engagement history everywhere you work.

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At the time of this announcement, Jon said, “Effective team Contact management is at the heart of every business, but it’s missing from Office 365, G Suite, typical CRM’s and social media, where people communicate most.” said Jon.  “There are too many silos of contacts distributed amongst the many business apps companies use to manage sales, marketing, customer service and accounting. That’s why we built Nimble Contact, a single, secure team relationship manager that builds itself from the existing contact data in and around the company.”

Nimble Contact enables teams to cultivate relationships and work better together by automatically generating enriched contact and company records; enabling users to discover missing email, phone number and address data; and delivering social insights and business context everywhere you work, so there’s no need to toggle between applications.

How Nimble Contact Syncs Relationship Data from 80+ Apps

Nimble Contact is powered by PieSync’s two-way intelligent data synchronization platform that enables companies to nurture relationships more effectively across their teams and apps.

According to Jon, Nimble CRM has always pursued and made a point to deliver social profile matching as a powerful addition to any sales intelligence or marketing automation platform.  Jon said, “It’s a core feature we offer as part of our enrichment process to all Nimble users, with auto-enriched data and insights available everywhere they work.”

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