Launches an Alternative to CRMs Targeting SMBs

Saas-Based Nocrm.Io Aims At Improving Lead Management Through Intuitive New Features — Lead Clipper, Advanced Prospecting, Conversation Tracking And Mobile Business Card Recognition

Most CMOs have a clear idea on what Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform they need to drive sales figures. Evident from the clear rise in marketing budgets over the last two years, CRM spending growth has outpaced overall brand spending by nearly 2-3 percentage points. Recognizing the increase in revenue from small/medium-sized businesses, popular CRM platform, YouDon’tNeedaCRM has launched to simplify and improve the way SMBs manage their sales processes.

Image source- Focuses on Closing Deals, Not Data Collection

As the name suggests, goes beyond the traditional definition of customer relationship management (CRM), enabling sales reps to get close to their leads. has focused on lead management, not customer relationship management and has designed a tool that molds around the way sales professionals operate.

Sunny Paris, CEO at YOU DON’T NEED A CRM, said, “Salespeople don’t use CRMs. For a salesperson, 95% of the time a CRM = pain. CRM systems are never up to date and you always hear management complaining about it: “Did you fill the CRM? Why is it not up to date?”.

So basically salespeople tend to fill their CRM just before their weekly meetings. They’re not using it for prospecting, they’re using it for reporting. The worst part is that they are right in doing so because CRM systems were not designed for salespeople but for managers or marketers.”

Paris added, “We decided to create a tool that sales professionals will love to use. A tool that will be focused on closing deals, not collecting extensive data! So the lead is at the very center of A user can create leads from a lot of different sources in a matter of seconds, including scanning business cards, forwarding emails, or creating them straight from LinkedIn.”

“I was frustrated with the solutions that were available to me when I was running sales teams so I decided to fix the problem. is already returning huge value for our 2000+ clients and promises to continue improving as we expand into new markets across the world,” Paris said.

Now Spend Less on Poor Quality Leads

The CRM business is full of bulky, complex and data input heavy software that eats into the sales professionals’ time. limits data input, is 100% mobile friendly and focuses only on prospecting, leads and sales reporting & forecasting. is a plug and play service that requires no set-up and is priced as a per user per month model.

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The CRM industry can be complex and onerous for small and medium-sized businesses. According to a US Chamber of Commerce poll of 1000 SMB owners, 60% expect their company’s revenue to increase next year and 29% are planning to increase their headcount. Considering the segment is expected to continue growing, a lead management solution was needed to support this segment.

In order to solve this problem, was built with a feature set designed around the needs of the SMB sales professional. Those features include –

  • Time-Saving User Interface
  • Lead Clipper
  • Mobile Business Card Recognition
  • Team Management
  • Calendar Synchronization
  • Tasks & Alerts
  • Multiple Viewing Modes
  • One-Click Emailing & Calling
  • Activity Feed
  • Prospecting List Management
  • Pipeline & Sales Process Management
  • Conversation Tracking
  • G-Suite Integration
  • Customization

Launched in 2013 as YOU DON’T NEED A CRM and headquartered in Paris, France, is a rapidly growing SaaS company that specializes in business development management solutions that are specially tailored to the needs of microenterprises and SMEs.

Backed by the phenomenal commercial success and 100% YoY growth of their previous product, now has offices in Paris and London with more than 2000 customers in 80+ countries.

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