Oracle Marketing Cloud Adds New Marketing Automation and B2B Content Marketing Features

Oracle Marketing Cloud Adds New Marketing Automation and B2B Content Marketing Features

According to Aberdeen Group, content marketers are 37% more effective at lead management and customer prioritization. 96% of content marketers provide effective channels to connect cross-channel marketing efforts with sales revenues. In order to boost ROI from content marketing campaigns, Oracle has announced a series of enhancements in marketing automation and content marketing capabilities. The new features have been added to Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Cloud Marketing. The new features will simplify content marketing across all digital channels, empowering marketers to deliver truly personalized 1:1 customer experience.

Mobile app usage has rapidly grown into a major lead generation platform in recent months. Almost 90% online users accomplish various transactional activities using various platforms; 50% of them do it on mobile. Cross-channel content is an important block of engagement in increasing marketing and sales collaboration, offering equitable cross-channel attribution with potentially high-value lead generation.

How do marketers accomplish cross-device user identification? One of the most reliable ways to do it is by capturing personally-identifiable login data. However, this is not a user-friendly way to do it, especially when it comes to converting them into sales prospects. A friendlier way to grab user identification information is to rely on probabilistic device matching, collecting data from device activity using Big Data algorithms. Therefore, Oracle Cloud Marketing intends to leverage probabilistic device mapping capabilities to create content-driven customer experience platforms.

Oracle introduced cutting-edge features like Content Portal, Program Canvas and Responsive Content Editor within the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Users can now establish simpler marketing automation processes, break down complex internal silos and prevent fragmentation of customer experience across various channels.

Oracle Marketing Cloud Adds New Marketing Automation and B2B Content Marketing Features
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The new enhancements in Oracle Marketing Cloud will deliver –

  • Independent content tracking and sharing channels based on various content search options, including Sales Stage, Buyer Persona, Content Type and custom fields.
  • Share marketing approved content across different stages of sales funnel
  • Accelerated lead generation and data normalization using Program Canvas and Listener Framework
  • Responsive lead scoring models with ability to detect critical prospect behaviors
  • New content creation events to manage and maintain databases with agility
  • Simplified and highly-streamlined content creation, devoid of any technical bottlenecks

Stephen Streich, senior director of product management, Oracle Marketing Cloud, said, “With the latest additions to Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Content Marketing, Oracle is empowering marketers to quickly create and share compelling content across their organization and reduce the number of steps required to identify and pursue new leads. This will drive efficiency across the marketing and sales process and ultimately help marketers improve the customer experience and lead generation.”

The latest enhancements to Oracle Marketing Cloud and Eloqua offer marketers readily available content distribution platform that can seamlessly adapt to the needs of the customer based on behavior and retail experience.

Marketers can now access transformative data packages based on how customers would like to engage with the brand, and what drives the revenues across multiple devices.

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