SharpSpring Integrates with Enthusem to Help Marketers Automate Offline-to-Online Direct Campaigns

Enthusem + SharpSpring Integration


Enthusem + SharpSpring Integration

It would be interesting to know how many marketers actually think digital mail center as the future of B2B commerce. As mobile e-commerce and email marketing campaigns take center stage in bringing world-class customer experience across all formats, CMOs are yet to ideate ways for measuring true ROI from their automation investments. Every digital mail campaign begins with strategy and execution. To make things easy for email marketers, SharpSpring has joined hands with Enthusem to drive more leads and convert them to sales at an optimized pace. Enthusem, which is the AMA Marketer of the Year in Direct Marketing category, currently offers automation solutions for offline to online marketing efforts.

via Canada Post
via Canada Post

SharpSpring, the global provider of cloud-based marketing technologies for B2B companies, launched a mission-critical integration with direct mail personalization platform – Enthusem. The new partnership makes the execution of offline-to-online marketing strategies easier.   The direct mail automation makes personalization highly scalable and ROI-specific, based on the buyer’s intent to engage with the brand.

Paul Blaylock, Enthusem owner and CEO says,”Enthusem’s automated personalization-at-scale technology allows marketers to gain attention offline which drives interested consumers right back online where our customers’ trackable, personal and rich experiences await.”

via Canada Post
via Canada Post

“Advanced targeting and personalization are some of the top benefits of marketing automation. When marketers combine SharpSpring’s behavioral tracking and analytics with Enthusem’s offline personalization tactics, they can multiply their impact and results.” – SharpSpring CEO Rick Carlson

According to the latest report on email users and consumer behavior, 269 billion emails are sent daily, which will grow to 319.6 billion in 2020. The new integration allows Enthusem users to leverage information SharpSpring mines about prospects, including site visits, email opens, click-rates and lead score. Subsequently, B2B mail marketers can dynamically deliver hyper-personalized emails using Enthusem tool, incorporating personalized elements such as contact’s social images, company branding, and customized icons.

How this integration SharpSpring Works with Enthusem

Enthusem can automatically print and send mailers at the exact right time based on lead behavior triggered by SharpSpring automation tasks. Once engaged offline, recipients that go back online could then trigger a new SharpSpring automation task to improve conversion to a sale, such as an alert to the sales team or automatically adding a contact to an email series to move a lead further down the sales funnel.

via Enthusem

According to a report published in 2015 by the Canada Post, 51% of consumers prefer to engage with companies that use a combination of direct mail and email platforms for communication. The advantage of having SharpSpring integration with Enthusem is its seamless collaboration with existing enterprise systems for marketing and sales, including CRM, CMS and automation.

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