TAI and SugarCRM Announce the Dates for the 2017 Chicago SugarCRM Workshop

SugarCRM Workshop 2017

Technology Advisors (TAI) would Host a Two-Day Learning Event about SugarCRM in Chicago in October

SugarCRM and TechadvisorsSugarCRM, a leading CRM software platform has announced the itinerary of its third annual Chicago SugarCRM Workshop. The Chicago SugarCRM Workshop is a two-day event hosted by the CRM consulting firm Technology Advisors Inc. (TAI). It caters to both current SugarCRM customers and prospective buyers.

SugarCRM Chicago Workshop_2017On the first day, visitors would be able to participate at the TAI Training Center in Des Plaines, IL.  Park Ridge Country Club is the venue for the scond day of the event. The event will highlight effective sales processes as executed through SugarCRM.

Most training courses on CRM can cost upwards of $1,000. However, the training provided at this event is a unique opportunity to learn free of cost.

The two sessions will address the topics on Advanced Workflow and Customer Journey Mapping. The attendees opting for additional training classes will receive a 20% discount by registring with TAI. All workshop attendees would be trained on the product’s features and add-on products that enhance specific sales functions.

Jane Curry to Provide Deeper Insights

The Chicago SugarCRM Workshop is a helpful and inexpensive way for CRM customers and marketers to familiarize themselves with the product. They can gauge the usefullness of SugarCRM for their business and speak to CRM experts.

Attendees at the Chicago SugarCRM Workshop 2017 would witness –

  • Step-by-step sales process executed through SugarCRM
  • Presentation of SugarCRM’s Roadmap for the future
  • Free advice from CRM consulting and integration experts and support staff
  • Keynote presentation on business writing strategies from Jane Curry, CEO and Founder of Curry Young Consultants, Inc. with free book giveaway

Customers and prospects alike will find value in the keynote address by Jane Curry on business writing strategies. Jane Curry is a renowned business writer who has helped major banks and businesses refine their writing strategies. She is the co-author of the book “Be a Brilliant Business Writer”.

Workshop Planned to Accelerate Adoption of Automation Tools

Currently, TAI partners with SugarCRM and other business software solutions to accelerate MarTech adoption. This includes training on project management, sales automation, customer service and support, call center optimization, and analytics.

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