Adobe Recreates Beethoven’s Magic with Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Recreates Beethoven's Magic with Adobe Experience Cloud

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Adobe Experience Cloud– The “First, Ubiquitous Cross-Channel” Cloud suite in the industry announced at Adobe Summit, Las Vegas

In less than 48 hours, we have Adobe Experience Cloud climbing to the top of marketing technology stack! Adobe chose the perfect stage to unveil one of its finest Cloud products till date- the Adobe Experience Cloud. The new Experience Cloud for marketing and analytics that integrates with Creative Cloud was introduced during the ongoing Adobe Summit in Las Vegas.

At the same event, the marketing cloud and technology innovation firm also released the Adobe Advertising Cloud, branding it as industry’s first end-to-end platform for managing advertising across traditional TV and digital formats. The cloud for cross-channel advertising is the result arising from Adobe’s acquisition of Tube Mogul in December 2016.

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Like Beethoven, Adobe is aiming at bringing the joy of pure marketing with a creative touch, putting various elements of Clouds like Creative, Document, Marketing Analytics and Advertising into a single enterprise suite.

What is Adobe Experience Cloud?

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Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud is a comprehensive set of cloud services, designed ingeniously to provide B2B enterprises everything they need to deliver extraordinary customer experiences. The new cloud solution comprises of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Advertising Cloud and Adobe Analytics Cloud. Built on the Adobe Cloud Platform, Experience Cloud leverages Adobe Sensei’s machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. Adobe Sensei was itself announced in the last Adobe Summit in March 2016.

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Enlightening the industry on how Adobe intends to leverage customer intelligence and cloud integration for better experiences, Brad Rencher, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Digital Marketing, Adobe says –

“At Adobe, we believe experience is the great differentiator, the make-or-break attribute to ignite life-long customer advocacy and growth. Leveraging deep customer intelligence, Adobe Experience Cloud gives businesses everything they need to deliver a well-designed, personal and consistent experience that delights customers at every touchpoint.”

Adobe  Experience Cloud  Marks the Maturity of Marketing Clouds

Adobe Experience Cloud combines best-in-business solutions, bringing a complete, extensible platform, comprehensive data and content systems, offered through a robust partner ecosystem for an unparalleled experience delivery expertise.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Brand Differentiation for Proactive Engagement  

Marketers can craft experiences that differentiate their brands, connect with customers and proactively engage them using Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Social and Adobe Primetime within Experience Cloud suite.

Brands can manage, personalize, optimize and orchestrate campaigns and customer journeys at scale.

Adobe Advertising Cloud

Embrace Programmatic for Cross-Channel Advertising

Integrating with Adobe Experience Cloud, the latest advertising solution aims to solve problems arising from increasingly complex and fragmented landscape, with legacy silos for media planning and buying across TV and digital.

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Now available globally, Adobe Advertising Cloud includes –

  • AMO Search: the leading search management platform
  • AMO Demand Side Platform (DSP): automates display, social, video and programmatic TV buying
  • AMO Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO): dynamic creative optimization tied into Creative Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud will deliver sweet amalgamation of all marketing efforts through centralized advertising planning and buying platform, bringing full transparency into exactly where ads appear and how effective they are at driving business results.

Adobe Analytics Cloud 

Turn Insights into Actions, Real-time

Adobe Analytics Cloud, powered by new enhancements in Adobe I/O,  is the customer intelligence engine. It powers businesses by enabling them to move from insights to action in real-time by uniquely integrating audience data across all Adobe clouds.

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Adobe Analytics Cloud combines Adobe Audience Manager, the leading data and audience management platform, and Adobe Analytics, the industry leading solution for applying real-time analytics and detailed audience segmentation across all marketing channels. Built on the Adobe Cloud Platform, which provides open APIs, a standard data model, and Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s unified AI and machine learning framework.

New I/O Events and Creative Cloud APIs offer developers access to Creative Cloud assets and events. For example, a developer can build a custom application that responds when a creative file is changed, or a new Creative Cloud asset is uploaded, and programmatically move that content into marketing execution.

Adobe Analytics Cloud enables brands to better capture, aggregate, rationalize and understand vast amounts of their own disparate data and then translate that data into singular profiles of their customers.

Exchange Partner Integrations

Several partners, including Acxiom, AppDynamics, Clicktale, Decibel Insight, Dun & Bradstreet, Mastercard, Ooyala, SapientRazorfish and others announced new integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud.

Marketers can plan and activate more effective programs by combining Adobe Analytics data using Adobe Audience Manager.

Adobe also deepened its partnership with Microsoft and unveiled the first set of joint solutions that integrate Adobe Experience Cloud with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft PowerBI.

Adobe Sensei for Enterprises

Adobe also released several new Sensei capabilities for the enterprise including Fluid Experiences to enable brands to deliver the experience consumers expect across any connected screen, including social, VR, IoT devices and physical screens. In addition, Auto-Target eliminates the complexity associated with manual testing and deterministic or rule-based content personalization. The company also released Enhanced Anomaly Detection and Contribution Analysis to help brands identify statistically significant events, pinpoint sources and take action to optimize the user experience.

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Adobe Sensei, as the intelligence layer in the Adobe Cloud Platform, provides customers with a unified AI and machine learning framework as well as intelligent services to help them work smarter and faster. In Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Sensei already powers over 100 intelligent capabilities including Intelligent Alerts, Automated Advertising Insights, Anomaly Detection and Lookalike Modeling.

Apart from the launch of Adobe Experience Cloud and vital additions to other cloud stacks, the company also announced integration between Adobe Sign and Adobe Experience Manager Forms. This will help marketers optimize complex, form-based work processes and deliver engaging, mobile-friendly digital experiences across the customer journey.

Will Adobe Experience Cloud become the “First, Ubiquitous Cross-Channel” Cloud suite in the industry?

We will have more insights on this development very shortly.

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