AI-First Startup Cien is Salesforce’s Customer Hero

AI-First Startup Cien is Salesforce's Customer Hero
Cien Inc Rob Kall presentation
Rob Kall, Cien’s CEO, Presenting at Salesforce Essentials (PRNewsfoto/Cien Inc.)

Cien, the Fitbit for sales teams, is Salesforce’s “Customer Hero”. The leading marketing cloud company picked the AI startup for its revolutionary sales productivity and engagement tool that turn sales reps into heroes. Salesforce identifies and awards top innovative technology companies that are perceived to be heroes by customers with whom they work.

Cien was showcased at Salesforce’s Essentials event in Madrid, Spain. Rob Käll, Cien’s CEO, addressed an audience comprised of sales, marketing, and customer success professionals on the way artificial intelligence was set to disrupt their sales organizations.


Cien’s sales productivity app leverages a number of functionalities from the Salesforce platform. Benjamin Strum, Cien’s CTO, says, “We partner with all types of technology companies. In Salesforce we see a great collaborator for long-term growth. The depth and breadth of Salesforce’s offering is truly impressive, particularly for AI-first companies like Cien.”

Cien is working with early adopters of its technology in Spain and the US to incorporate their thinking in the design and development of its sales productivity app. The company has launched a global study on artificial intelligence and the future of B2B sales to validate its initial product choices. “We are engaging sales leaders around the world to quantify their level of confidence in their CRM data and their willingness to trust recommendations from an AI-powered decision engine,” explains Damien Acheson, Cien’s Head of Marketing.

Sales reps can use Cien like a Fitbit by virtue of the engaging mobile app version. Cien App is delivered to mobile through advanced AI-powered technology, delivering sentiment analytics, productivity metrics, and ROI tracking on the same screen. With Salesforce recognizing Cien in its infancy in AI for sales engagement, future looks bright for the sales app platform.

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