Allocadia Announces Beta of Strategic Marketing Planning Solution

Allocadia Announces Beta of Strategic Marketing Planning Solution

The Strategic Planning SaaS solution of Allocadia provides clarity across marketing teams by aligning CMO’s goals with company priorities

Allocadia, a cloud-based Marketing Performance Management technology provider, launched a limited beta program for a new strategic marketing planning solution.

Allocadia, Co founder
Katherine Berry, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Allocadia

Before making it available to everyone, Allocadia will set forth a collaborative program in partnership with leading marketing organizations to refine key features. The vision is to eliminate siloed plans and make the marketing plan visible, actionable and traceable throughout the marketing organization.

Katherine Berry, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Allocadia, said, “We believe product innovation comes from direct collaboration with marketers, and we’re fortunate to work with leading brands such as Box, Microsoft, Juniper Networks, and over 150 more to co-create solutions. Given the importance of strategic planning, we have been working closely with customer organizations to meld front-line insight from their teams into the product development process. With this beta program, we expand this collaborative effort to shape the future of marketing plans, together.”

The new functionality provides marketers easy-to-use cloud software for defining, communicating, and tracking marketing objectives at the corporate, departmental, and team levels. This enables marketing organizations to gain better visibility into, and alignment with, both the CMO’s goals and the company’s priorities.

CEO, Allocadia
Kristine Steuart, CEO, and Co-Founder, Allocadia

Kristine Steuart, CEO, and Co-Founder, Allocadia, said, “Every marketer needs to align their marketing plans to the strategic goals of the business and this strategy-first planning ensure greater impact of every marketing dollar invested.”

Effective tool for strategic planning

The initiative provides a better alternative to teams relying on offline, non-collaborative tools like PowerPoint or Word documents to communicate the company’s objectives, which lack the ability to track efforts made toward achieving them.

Helena Lewis, Senior Group Manager for Global Marketing Operations and Technology, National Instruments, said, “We have a complex planning process. Allocadia’s Strategic Planning solution will provide clarity across teams so we can focus on impact; it will also help get buy-in for our plan and make our process repeatable.”

Strategic marketing planning offers positive revenue growth

The recent Allocadia industry study revealed the importance of strategic marketing planning. The study found that 83% of companies expecting over 25% revenue growth mostly align marketing performance goals to their company’s objectives, as compared to only 50% of those with flat or negative growth. Also, companies with strong growth are two times more likely to align marketing KPIs directly with the contribution to the business. This underscores the need for all marketing teams to operate in lock-step with the company objectives.

According to SiriusDecisions, the marketing planning process is a CMO’s best opportunity to demonstrate leadership and an understanding of how to operationalize corporate strategy consistently across the sales, marketing, and product functions.

Allocadia announced the beta program during the 2017 SiriusDecisions Summit where over 3,000 B2B marketing and sales leaders had gathered to share best practices. The program is open to both customers and non-customers of Allocadia. Companies can join the beta program and share how their team prepares and communicates strategic marketing objectives.

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