Invoca Brings VoIP Analytics to Brands that Use Adobe Marketing Cloud

Invoca Brings VoIP Analytics to Brands that Use Adobe Marketing Cloud

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Invoca, a call intelligence platform for marketing clouds, has announced a key partnership with Adobe, unveiling a unique call analytics tool. Branded as Invoca for Adobe Marketing Cloud, the new call intelligence solution aims at bringing meaningful insights on personalization and campaign optimization to the omnichannel customer journey. This collaboration is powered by Invoca Signal.

“The evolution from screen-based interactions to voice conversations is fundamentally changing how consumers interact with brands.” Kyle Christensen, Senior VP of Marketing at Invoca

Christensen adds, “Today, you can seamlessly shift from typing or tapping to having a conversation, whether it’s through an automated bot like Amazon’s Echo or a conversation with a live agent on your mobile phone. As a result, it’s critical that leading marketing cloud platforms like Adobe Marketing Cloud give marketers both the digital and voice insights required to create customer experiences that drive revenue.”

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Invoca for Adobe Marketing Cloud is a revenue-driven platform for B2B marketers that rely on phone calls to engage customers. The new phone call intelligence platform adds a deep layer of insights that can be customized to optimize marketing campaigns and personalize customer experience across diverse digital channels.

How Invoca for Adobe Marketing Cloud works

Invoca Signal enables marketers to automatically capture custom, actionable insights from hundreds of data points on every phone call and live voice conversation. Marketers can leverage the new call intelligence platform over their marketing cloud to—

Optimize their marketing spend

Marketers can create a Signal that identifies a “hot prospect” as someone who placed a call from a specific search keyword and mode of engagement.

By passing this data from Invoca to Adobe Media Optimizer, marketers can automatically reallocate more budget to the keyword that drove that “hot prospect” to call.

Personalize the caller experience

Marketers using Adobe Target can extend personalized web experience they serve to their customers to a phone conversation using Invoca Signal. This allows marketers to add engaging conversational elements on phone calls, based on language preference and past experiences. Enhance customer journey and drive follow-on purchases.

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By using Invoca with Adobe Marketing Cloud, Call marketers can create a consistent experience across channels by triggering the next best engagement based on voice insights such as what was said during the call, and whether someone converted.
When Signals are passed from Invoca to Adobe Audience Manager, retargeting ads or personalized web content is automatically triggered with upselling or cross-selling messages.

Expand reach to lookalike audiences

Marketers can use Signal to identify their best customers who convert over the phone. Using lookalike modeling with Adobe Audience Manager, marketers can expand their reach into new audiences that resemble the customers who called and converted.

VoIP Integration with Marketing Automation Crucial to Customer Experience

According to a report by Newsmaker, the global mobile VoIP (mVoIP) market is set to grow at an CAGR of around 28% between 2016 and 2020. In another report supporting this humongous growth of VoIP industry, it is expected to touch $140 billion by 2021. According to Google more than 20 percent of searches on its mobile app and Android devices are done with voice. As Alexa-powered devices continue to pick up impressive sales figures, it is evident that B2B marketers should try to bridge the gap between digital engagements and call efforts. Invoca for Adobe Marketing Cloud, therefore, fits into marketing stack as a unified platform for diverse experience initiatives across web, social, video and VoIP initiatives.

Cody Crnkovich, head of platform partners and strategy at Adobe, says, “We’re keenly aware that helping marketers make smart connections between what happens online and offline is what drives great customer experiences.”

Crnkovich acknowledges, “Customers value Invoca’s integration with the Adobe Cloud Platform because it gives them a simple way to apply voice insights to the digital campaigns they’re running across Adobe Marketing Cloud.”

Invoca’s latest partnership with Adobe comes just weeks after SaaS and telecommunications sales veteran, Ben Sullivan, joined their executive team as senior vice president of sales. Ben’s experience in building and handling strategic SaaS partnerships will be critical in continuing Invoca’s impressive growth trajectory. Earlier, Invoca had announced about embedding IBM Watson’s AI capabilities to its Voice Marketing Cloud, enabling marketers analyze and act on voice data in real time. Despite the rise of digital engagements in B2B and B2B segments, marketers acknowledge the importance of phone call analytics in creating superlative customer experience within optimized limits of technology investments.

Despite the rise of digital engagements in B2B and B2B segments, marketers acknowledge the importance of phone call analytics in creating superlative customer experience within optimized limits of technology investments.

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