Location Data in Your Salesforce CRM: CARTO Brings Geospatial Data and Analytics to Salesforce Einstein Analytics


Salesforce CRM Users Can Leverage CARTO’s Geospatial Data and Analytics Linked with Salesforce Einstein Analytics

It would make an interesting stat for marketers to know how many new marketing opportunities from underserved locations are left unattended despite matching the best-performing territories. Modern marketers and sales professionals no longer have to deal with the lack of visibility in location data within CRM solutions. CARTO, a SaaS platform that offers location intelligence software has announced that Salesforce CRM users can leverage their geospatial data and analytics with Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

CARTO Adds Competitiveness to Your Business Data and Analytics

CARTO, a Salesforce Ventures portfolio company, is offering location intelligence and analytics to Salesforce Analytics to enable modern businesses to be competitive. Knowing the pulse of the traditional sales analytics tools, CARTO and Salesforce Analytics would ease the approach to making location-based decisions and capabilities more effective in sustaining the competitive edge.

As customers seek more targeted sales and marketing campaigns that can only be made possible with location based insights, there is a need for more efficient and effective ways to gather and analyze that location data within CRM solutions.

Partnering with Salesforce to deliver location intelligence capabilities directly into Salesforce Einstein Analytics would mean that Salesforce customers can leverage CARTO Sales Quest for spatial analytics. CARTO’s spatial analytics links with internal and external data, enabling users to hunt for new business, foster expansion opportunities and deliver better service customers.

What is CARTO SalesQuest?

CARTO SalesQuest is a location-based Sales Analytics solution that applies spatial analysis and location data streams to your company’s sales CRM data, boosting your team’s sales performance.

By leveraging CARTO SalesQuest, sales leaders can find answers to—

  • If and where are the high-value opportunities within a team’s sales territory?
  • Where should teams hire, assign, and deploy additional field reps based on opportunity value?
  • Where could new potential customers be? Based, on open data about demographics or consumer trends?

Additionally, CARTO will also provide their customers an enhanced ability to see Einstein Analytics data within their CARTO workspace.

With the new CARTO-Salesforce CRM integration, customers will benefit from highly-targeted, location-based outreach and marketing campaigns, more effective territory management and more efficient field sales and service activity with location intelligence directly embedded in their Einstein Analytics experience.

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