Salesforce’s Bellevue Engineering & Innovation Hub Goes Operational

Salesforce's Bellevue Engineering & Innovation Hub Goes Operational

Salesforce, the world’s fastest growing cloud services company, formally announced the opening of their new business footprint in Bellevue, WA. The San Francisco-based company officially cut the ribbon at their latest engineering and research hub on Wednesday. With this, Salesforce moves closer to the blooming innovation capital of the world, which hosts Amazon, Oracle, Google, and Microsoft.

Parker Harris, Co-Founder, Salesforce, said, “By tapping into the local talent pool in the Seattle area, we can expand our world-class engineering team, accelerating our ability to create innovative products that redefine the customer experience.”

Bellevue Engineering & Innovation Hub is an architectural masterpiece, inspiring creativity, and collaboration among researchers, engineers, leaders and customers. Inside the new innovation center, artificial intelligence is all set to take an accelerated path. In coming months, workforce from Quip, Krux, SalesforceIQ CRM, Commerce Cloud, Einstein, IoT Cloud, Lightning, and Salesforce1 will converge at Bellevue, WA.

Salesforce Social Media Command Center
Salesforce Social Media Command Center

Salesforce’s new Bellevue office is a sprawling 70,000 square-feet product development hub, occupying three floors in the 19-storey 929 Office Tower. The company is optimistic about doubling its present headcount, adding at least 250 fresh employees by next year. It also plans to open new offices and innovation hubs in other parts of the world, catering to more than 150,000 customers globally.

“This will be one of the company’s largest engineering and innovation hubs,” said Elizabeth Pinkham, EVP of Real Estate for Salesforce. “This is a big deal.”

“We’ve been bursting at the seams with our existing space because there is such great talent in the area,” said Jim Walsh, Senior VP of Infrastructure Engineering at Salesforce, who will also head the company’s Seattle-area leader. “We wanted to get all our employees working in one space, with some room to expand in the future.”

Seattle-area is a budding ground for cloud computing companies and could well become the epicenter of artificial innovation. Salesforce’s Bellevue Engineering & Innovation Hub will help accelerate the company’s ability to innovate cutting-edge technology, partnering with its existing research teams. The new hub is all set to become the research capital for Salesforce’s imminent acquisitions in 2017.

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