Salesforce Einstein Maps a New Path for Developer Success Using Intelligence Apps

Salesforce announced new Einstein Platform Services and Trailhead learning paths to empower the developer community of more than 4 million Trailblazers. The new Einstein Platform Services will enable users to build intelligent apps that customers love. By bringing together the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and interactive online learning, Salesforce further enables companies to deliver the next generation of sales, service, marketing, and commerce experiences to drive customer success. Salesforce will showcase these innovations at TrailheaDX, its second annual developer conference, designed for everyone to learn new skills and unlock their potential.

The New Einstein Platform Services will enable developers to bring natural language processing and image recognition to any app–creating AI-powered customer experiences for sales, service, marketing and commerce.

 For enterprise app developers, user adoption, and loyalty are key measures of success. Today’s business users demand the same intelligent and personalized app experiences they are accustomed to in their personal lives. To keep pace with these expectations, developers need an innovative platform that makes it easy to incorporate the latest AI technologies into their apps. According to IDC, 80 percent of all apps will have an AI component by 20201.

Introducing New Einstein Platform Services for Building AI-Powered Customer Experiences

Salesforce Einstein, the first comprehensive AI for CRM, is an integrated set of AI technologies that make every Salesforce app smarter so business users can be more productive and deliver personalized, predictive customer experiences. Since Einstein is a core part of the Salesforce Platform, developers can utilize Einstein Platform Services to quickly build custom AI-powered CRM apps. Salesforce is currently extending its portfolio of Einstein Platform Services that will allow developers to create custom deep learning models to fit their specific business needs. Some of these Models are —

Einstein Sentiment

Einstein Sentiment will allow developers to classify the tone of any text, from prospect emails and social media posts to customer reviews and message boards, as positive, negative or neutral so that companies can quickly gain insight into customer attitudes and then take the appropriate action. For example, an airline could create a custom app that uses Einstein Sentiment to analyze tweets and other social media to understand overall impressions and prioritize negative posts that require service responses.

Einstein Intent

Einstein Intent will allow developers to train a model to classify the underlying intent of customer inquiries to automatically route leads, escalate service cases and personalize marketing campaigns. For example, a retail company could use Einstein Intent to build a custom app that automatically classifies inbound customer support queries to identify which customers are experiencing shipping problems and then proactively provide support messaging and tracking details.

Einstein Object Detection

Einstein Object Detection enables developers to train models to recognize multiple unique objects within a single image, as well as the location, size, and quantities of those objects. Einstein Object Detection can be applied to improve service, inventory management, and retail share-of-shelf apps. For example, a beverage company could streamline inventory management and service by automatically analyzing photos of retail shelves to count the product, and then calculate and process a new order.

Salesforce Trailhead Fuels The Developer EcosystemIntroducing New Trails from Atlassian, GitHub, and Salesforce 

Salesforce also opened the Trailhead Platform to the most in-demand skills in today’s developer ecosystem with new guided learning paths from Atlassian and GitHub.
Currently, Trailblazers at Salesforce is the fastest-growing enterprise developer community–transforming the way companies like Black Diamond, Shazam, Sierra Club, and Vlocity, build engaging customer experiences.

Sarah Franklin, SVP Developer Relations and GM, Trailhead, said, “There has never been a better time to be a Salesforce developer. Developer success leads to customer success, and we are on a mission to enable everyone to skill up for the AI revolution with the smartest tools and training.”

Trailhead is Salesforce’s online, interactive, gamified learning platform. Trailhead takes users on free, guided learning paths to gain developer skills. At the end of every trail, Trailblazers receive a badge showcasing their competency. Since launching in 2014, Trailblazers have earned more than 2.5 million badges, which directly relate to in-demand job skills.

“Salesforce is democratizing AI with Einstein, as well as democratizing learning with Trailhead, empowering everyone to build apps faster and advance their careers.”

“Salesforce has not only given me technical skills, but it has changed my life,” said Damian O’Farrill, Global Sales Operations & Marketing Automation Lead, Autodesk. Damien added, “I was a salsa dance instructor before I became a Salesforce developer. No matter who you are or what your educational background is, you can transform your career with Salesforce and Trailhead.”

Benefits of Atlassian + Salesforce integration

Agile software development is the standard today for building and shipping high-quality software, allowing teams to move faster, adjust to changing market trends and continuously improve. As a leading provider of agile software, Atlassian is invested in educating developer teams on the history, culture, and basics of agile development.

With Trailhead, developers will gain valuable insights which would help them be successful in any agile team. New badges include Agile Basics and Agile Frameworks (Scrum and Kanban).

Benefits of GitHub + Salesforce integration

Seamless collaboration and source code management are vital to the success of every developer team. GitHub is a community of more than 22 million people working together to build software. Using Git, the foundational code GitHub is built on, and GitHub, developers can take advantage of version control while collaborating on code, allowing them to take their software development practices to the next level. Now with GitHub’s new Git and GitHub Basics badge on Trailhead, anyone can learn how to leverage the GitHub ecosystem, use best practices for collaborating on code or gain an in-depth understanding of Git.

New Salesforce badges for developers include Sales Cloud Platform, Service Cloud PlatformSummer ’17 ReleaseLightning Data ServicesPlatform EventsSalesforce DX and more.

Additionally, Dreampitch, the first-ever TrailheaDX startup pitch event, will give three startups the opportunity to compete for a $50,000 investment from Salesforce Ventures.

Unified Platform Services Empowers Developers

As the demand for intelligent apps increase, the speed that developers need to build at skyrockets. The new Unified Platform Services, enable better collaboration among developers, across the business, enabling them to build smart apps faster for sales, service, marketing, and commerce.

New Platform Events empower developers to increase business productivity and efficiency by building automated workflows and custom triggers based on changes to Salesforce data—including geolocation, billing, and customer data. With more integrations available between Salesforce and customer systems, developers can expand the existing capabilities of other integration options including Outbound Messaging and Apex Callouts. For example, developers can create triggers notifying external shipping apps to send out shipments as customers place orders—all in near real-time.

In the new Salesforce DX Open Beta, any developer, individually or as part of a team, can collaborate, manage and develop Salesforce apps across the entire lifecycle. Combining the power of with the Heroku experience developers love, Salesforce DX fully reimagines building, deploying and maintaining custom software on the Salesforce Platform.

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