SparkPost Launches New Email MarTech with Next-Gen Automation and On-Boarding Capabilities

SparkPost Launches New Email MarTech with Next-Gen Automation and On-Boarding Capabilities

SparkPost, the leading provider of cloud-based email delivery services to apps and websites, announced the introduction of its latest technology – SparkPost for Service Providers. The new email delivering technology will allow service providers to improve their products and drive business growth. The email MarTech company aims to improve the accuracy and reliability of its technology for SaaS industry.

“We’re excited to announce this new offering created especially for service providers,” said SparkPost CEO Phillip Merrick. “This solution eliminates the burden and cost of managing internal infrastructure and accelerates revenue generation while allowing service providers to focus on creating and building a competitive advantage. We believe this offering clearly demonstrates that our business model is — and always will be — 100 percent aligned with theirs.”

via SparkPost
via SparkPost

SparkPost, as the leading email MarTech infrastructure provider, intends to offer a robust, tailor-made SaaS stack for accelerated engagements involving broader customer portfolio. The new offering enables users to overcome perennial challenges in email campaigns designed for multiple customers.

SparkPost for Service Providers brings a diverse set of features –

  • Scalable infrastructure powered by Enterprise SLA to manage uptime and peak-time capacities
  • Technical Account Manager (TAM) for proactive, fully-dedicated support that facilitates onboarding configuration and on-going service management
  • Inbox performance and deliverability management to help service providers understand the complex and arduous relationship-tracking challenges
  • Full-service deliverability management and automation of SparkPost Adaptive Email Network (AEN) to help service providers maximize their ROI
  • Fewer number of compliance breach incidents with faster onboarding, that are key to generating business success, allowing service providers to deliver enriching customer satisfaction at a reduced operational risk
via SparkPost
via SparkPost

Overall, the newly introduced SparkPost for Service Providers promises to deliver a fast-tracked path to revenue generation using next-gen automation and sub-account capabilities for omnichannel email marketing campaigns.

According to Return Path’s annual report on email deliverability in 2016, the global inbox placement rate for marketing email campaigns was around 79%, out of which only 73% emails actually reached their destinations. In 2017, email deliverability remains critical to email marketing ROI and performance. SparkPost’s latest vertical in email MarTech will help its existing clientele, which includes Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Groupon, Marketo, Zillow and more, to speed launch their campaigns based on powerful data insights and drive more customer engagement.

via SparkPost
via SparkPost

As CMOs look to automate their entire MarTech stack, email marketing will remain the vital cog in the wheel, driving personalization, contextual delivery, and conversational chatting within the integrated models. SparkPost for Service Providers, which is now the fastest feature in SaaS for email delivery, will allow users leverage the power of Big Data Personalization, Machine learning capabilities, omnichannel email experiences and encryption on a single platform.

SparkPost, in November 2016, had announced its availability in the Microsoft Azure cloud Platform-as-a-Service, providing B2B companies highly configurable add-on resources in email marketing and notification capabilities. As the fastest growing email MarTech firm, the SaaS provider announced that its API-driven email delivery service surpassed 15 billion email messages per month within 18 months of introduction.

Shaping up for 2017

SparkPost’s CEO Phillip Merrick adds —

2017 promises to be another banner year for SparkPost and our customers. As the need for reliable email delivery increases, SparkPost will keep innovating and providing businesses with the most trustworthy cloud email service available.”

Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), SparkPost provides their customers unmatched cost-effective bursting and reliability in the competitive SaaS for email delivery market. By developing a robust customer support, SparkPost, in 2016, evolved to become the world’s fastest-growing B2B email delivery service.

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