Swrve Joins Salesforce’s Journey Builder to Enrich Mobile App Campaigns

Swrve Joins Salesforce's Journey Builder to Enrich Mobile App Campaigns

Swrve, the leading comprehensive mobile marketing platform, has announced its latest integration with Salesforce’s Journey Builder. The partnership between the two marketing technology solution providers will empower marketers to execute truly personalized omnichannel campaigns with higher precision and effectiveness.

Swrve’s partnership with Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers an expansive range of options to mobile marketers and advertisers. Integration of in-app ad platforms with Journey Builder from Salesforce will allow marketers to create powerful mobile engagement campaigns using analytics-based triggering capabilities. The existing collaboration will also deliver predictive analytics on customer mobile data powered by Salesforce’s robust enterprise marketing cloud.

Swrve enables marketers to build user-friendly relationships on mobile with an effective customer experience. By bringing Journey Builder into the picture, Swrve users can send more precise and ROI-centric push and in-app messages, based on the real-time behavior of every single mobile user. The new integration enhances Swrve’s mobile engagement capabilities in –

  • Creating hyper-personalized in-app messages that feature surveys, multi-page flows, permission requests, preference centers and more
  • Authoring WYSIWYG interface with 100% on-brand visibility
  • Analyzing real-time customer journeys within the mobile app using predictive analytics
  • Optimizing user’s app interaction with real-time two-way data sync between Salesforce Marketing Cloud and the mobile app
  • Embedding deep links and personalized content elements into push notifications using Salesforce user record
  • Tracking of mobile analytics related to online payments, clicks, email opened and campaigns seen – all available under one inventory with customized user interface
  • Debugging mobile engagement platform by utilizing open-source SDK

Marketers using Swrve with Salesforce Journey Builder can erect a powerful omnichannel campaign strategy to monetize apps with unprecedented returns. Marketers can gain vital insights into customer journey by using other features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud like Audience Builder, Personalization Builder, Analytics Builder, Content Builder and Cloud Connect.

Push App Engagement Statistics via Localytics
Push App Engagement Statistics via Localytics

According to a report by Localytics, 52% mobile users opt-in to push notifications. Such users are invariably thrice as likely to remain as customers than those who disable push messages. Ergo, in-app push notifications offer excellent engagement medium for marketers to connect with customers. Marketers are always on the lookout for marketing technologies that will boost the open rate of SMS and emails, in addition to creating hyper-personalized location-based messages and updates. This new integration between Swrve and Salesforce Marketing Cloud will end that search to a great extent.

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