“Trusona for Salesforce” Arrives with No Passwords Login

"Trusona for Salesforce" Arrives with No Passwords Login

Trusona + Salesforce

Most Secure Salesforce Login Solution Eliminates the Need for Passwords, Creates a Frictionless User Experience

Trusona, the leader in secure identity authentication, today announced the availability of “Trusona for Salesforce” – the most simple and secure way to log into Salesforce. Trusona for Salesforce’s frictionless authentication completely eliminates the need for passwords, internet security’s weakest link, ensuring that only approved users are accessing the application. Utilizing the free Trusona app, users tap and scan a unique QR code in order to log in. Trusona’s proprietary anti-replay technology prevents that login from being replicated by a fraudster or malware.

Trusona for Salesforce takes just a few steps for an organization’s salesforce administrator to setup.

More than 100,000 companies around the world trust Salesforce with their most vital business information, yet this critical data is secured today by a static username and password that can be easily stolen or replayed by hackers. Almost every day a new security breach is disclosed and business owners need to do everything in their power to secure access to their data.

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Setting Up Trusona for Salesforce

A Salesforce admin must initially set up Trusona for Salesforce. Thereafter, anyone within the organization with a Salesforce license can enjoy the friction-free, #NoPasswords Salesforce experience. Backed by the solid reputation of being the global leader in Identity Authentication, Trusona will deliver the Cloud Identity Suite within the Salesforce community. This provides tiered solutions spanning from frictionless, #NoPasswords logins to the world’s only insured authentication.

Salesforce customers can completely eliminate the need for passwords while ensuring only approved users are accessing the application. 

In addition to being the simplest and most secure way to log in, Trusona for Salesforce is quick and easy for an organization’s Salesforce administrator to set up.

Once the setup is complete, Trusona for Salesforce is available to anyone at the organization with a Salesforce account. Trusona is currently offering a free 14-day trial of the solution and is $10 per user annually thereafter.    

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Trusona helps Salesforce customers end the reliance on passwords and provide a more secure way to prove identity online. Through the world’s first and only insured Elite solution that delivers a NIST Level 4 (four-factor) authentication, Trusona for Salesforce is a tool to rid the world of passwords and provide secure identity authentication.

Trusona offers simple patented anti-replay technology that uses the unique nature of every interaction to assure the True Persona behind every digital interaction. 

“Passwords don’t work. They’re easy to hack and are not strong enough to protect all of the critical information organizations stores in Salesforce,” said Ori Eisen, Founder and CEO of Trusona.

Easy to implement, use and scale across an organization, Trusona works both internally and externally, providing secure and frictionless identity authentication for employees and consumers. Through technological advancements, such as patent-pending anti-replay, coupled with continued consumer and business education, Trusona is on a mission to make static passwords obsolete and dramatically reduce online fraud.

Correlation between Trusona for Salesforce and Recent CMO Hiring

Trusona recently hired Karen Dayan as their Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to expand #NoPasswords Security Solution. Dayan brings close to fourteen years of marketing expertise, working in different roles with some of the biggest technology and advisory firms, including 41st Parameter, Mintigo, Criteo, Microsoft, ThinkingBuzz, UpWest Labs, and Capsoole.

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Dayan, as the former Vice President of Corporate Marketing at 41st Parameter, helped drive market growth, through the acquisition of the company by Experian. In her prior role, Dayan served as Vice President of Marketing for Criteo where she contributed to revenue growth from $20 million to $200 million, leading to a successful IPO. Dayan started her career at Microsoft, where over the course of 14 years she played key roles in pivotal launches and the company’s revenue growth globally.

At Trusona, Dayan is piloting the marketing strategy and revenue growth model, of which #NoPasswords Salesforce Login is seemingly the first milestone.


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