New Star Media Commences a New Online Marketing Platform for Conventional Ads, With More Individualized Strategic Solutions.

New Star Media announced that its latest website solutions platform finally made its debut in 2017.  The platform aims to provide full online marketing solutions to its users by communicating with them directly.

Numerous affiliates, ad networks and online agencies have been utilizing the system to automatically send traffic to users with limited targets, which was formerly the end product of business. New Star Media’s approach is similar but friendlier, with user-oriented solutions: their dedicated account managers, who speak the users’ language, are ready to provide strategic campaign management one-on-one.

For technical solutions, the system provides contextual and big-data driven targeting to its users for more focused routing. New Star Media’s contextual targeting uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify relevant and matching content to users’ targeted keywords and channels. Furthermore, the big-data driven targeting component facilitates self-evolving prescriptive analytic algorithms, consistently resulting in audiences that are likely to result in best returns.

However, users become more skeptical of the traffic sources as they work with networks. As a result, New Star Media created a fraudulent traffic detector, which filters any unsuitable contents, incorrect geographies and bot and VPN traffic. The traffic is scored by recognizing any inferior operation and grades of impressions; hence, users are finally able to gain more traction and control regarding their ad expenses by avoiding unnecessary impressions.

CEO Patrick Cheng believes that online marketing in 2017 and upcoming years should focus on a more user-friendly interface, clearance of fraudulent traffic, and less competition in a vast pool. How does the company achieve these goals? By assigning a dedicated account manager who speaks the user’s language for support, uncovering fraudulent traffic, and allowing more diversity in the targeting system.

Targeting availabilities include:

  • Keyword/ Channel targeting: Setting up with more than 100 keywords/channels to drive possible relevant traffic to a user’s Ad. Worried about receiving unnecessary traffic? Their prescriptive analytic algorithms will deep learn and facilitate the optimization automatically.
  • Retargeting: Most customers don’t make their purchase decisions upon first encountering an ad. New Star Media’s retargeting technology allows users’ Ads to be displayed to those who previously visited users’ websites.
  • GEO targeting: Their GEO targeting allows criteria as specific as cities.
  • Time targeting: Save your time! Users can plan the duration of their Ads, as well as when they are displayed, saving cost and users’ time by specifically targeting high ROI hours.
  • OS/Device targeting: Their OS/Device targeting allows tech-savvy advertisers who are willing to launch their products for certain OS/Device users.
  • Internet Service Provider targeting: Have demands for ISPs? The system can target diverse ISPs in different countries.
  • Language targeting: Account managers who can speak users’ language can help the user to target websites where a certain language is spoken.

Online advertising may sound difficult and somewhat frustrating to start-up companies, or any companies that have never advertised online before. However, New Star Media believes that online marketing should not be a privilege of large dominating tech companies, but open to any small to large – including local – businesses. New Star Media is a humane company, with passionate employees who are willing to communicate with users to draw the best solutions possible.

“No matter small or big, we are ready to sail together in the sea of global marketing. The wind is blowing and it is time to row for a head start with New Star Media,” said Patrick, the global marketing pro. New Star Media is growing fast and bigger, and has already managed to partner with Aliexpress, Gearbest, Etoro, and others.

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