Brands Demand Greater Accountability on Media Spend, says NewBase Marketing Priorities Report

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The dominance of content marketing, a clear winner across all audiences last year, is being challenged in 2017 by increased focus on accountability, measurement, and targeted advertising. The clear divide between different audiences’ priorities points to the fact that while engaging advertising is a must, results are just as important.

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The demand for ROI and accountability has never been this important, according to 93% of global marketers, surveyed in NEWBASE’ latest research. There is a growing urgency for transparency in the industry, with 96% of global marketers agreeing that: ‘Greater collaboration and transparency is needed between agencies, brands, publishers and ad tech’.

These findings come from the NEWBASE Marketing Priorities 2017 whitepaper, based on an annual global survey, which evaluates advertising budget shifts, and the tech and marketing priorities that are shaping the industry.


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As brands are becoming more involved and skilled in the digital marketing ecosystem, they are turning into the driving force for innovation and change across the industry in 2017. They are demanding greater accountability and clarity on their media spend. ‘Trust’ is the word of the day in this context – whether it comes to tech suppliers, advertising environments or data. This is reflected in brand marketers’ number one priority: ROI and accountability.

While brands and agencies are focusing on results-driven strategies, publishers are developing their content marketing approach, with 61% listing it as a priority (growing from 45% last year). This aligns with a wave of increased investment in content-led services within many publishing houses, and could explain why nine in ten publishers agree that ‘Content marketing is forcing structural change within the media and marketing sector’.

However, publishers are keen to follow the ad dollar, and as brands move, so do publishers – there is an indication that this year’s priorities for brands could be next year’s considerations for publishers.

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The brands’ and agencies’ demand for clearer reporting and more transparency in digital marketing is further supported by the numbers around viewability challenges and fraudulent traffic. This year registered the highest year-on-year increase, growing from 15% to 24%. Accurate audience measurement has also experienced a significant upward shift in the last twelve months, rising from 33% to 41%. Stressing the need for reliable, independent and trustworthy metrics, a whopping 90% agree that there is a need for a third party standard digital audience verification measure – and the majority (54%) feel that industry bodies should be responsible for implementing and supervising this measure.

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Mike Jeanes
Mike Jeanes

Mike Jeanes, Global Head of Insight at NEWBASE said, “The growing urgency for marketers to move ad spend to digital channels has not allowed them any time to prioritize what have now become industry issues, which have emerged with prominence in this year’s research. Accuracy, measurement, viewability, and ad fraud are the highest growing themes for the industry in 2017 and these findings provide the hard numbers that quantify many of the conversations in the industry right now around trust and transparency.”

Download the full whitepaper here.

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