AcuityAds Releases New Ultra-Intuitive Self-Serve Programmatic Platform for Digital Marketing

AcuityAds Releases New Ultra-Intuitive Self-Serve Programmatic Platform for Digital Marketing

AcuityAds, one of the fastest-growing technology company in North America, has released a cutting-edge ultra-intuitive programmatic marketing platform for customers. The latest innovation by AcuityAds is named as Self-Serve Programmatic Marketing Platform. It will be readily available for use for driving advertising campaigns across video, mobile, social and online display. The new platform will ensure ease of use, transparency, speed and scalability.

Next-Gen Features of Self-Serve Programmatic Marketing Platform

AcuityAds’ Self-Serve Programmatic Marketing Platform is different from other demand-side platforms by virtue of its intuitive marketing interface to marketers. It provides unmatched personalized first-view analytics right from the moment user logs-in. There are many more features that simplify marketing processes.

Top 5 features marketers will enjoy working with –

  1. Instant availability of actionable data relevant to the campaign, demographics, brand and marketplace
  2. 360-degree approach to brand safety with easy-to-adjust filters and controls within the platform
  3. Accessible inventory across various ad campaign formats and device with optimized goals, increased success rate using features like Copy Campaigns and Comprehensive Targeting Tactics
  4. Latest and most optimized bidding data with forecasting tool based on AcuityAds’ proprietary machine-learning algorithm
  5. Clear visualization of how ad campaigns are performing in different devices and ad formats

New platform elements will enable marketers to create a more seamless customer experience and deliver on their transparency needs.

via AcuityAds
via AcuityAds

“At AcuityAds, we’re building the most innovative solutions in the industry to empower marketers to take control of their programmatic advertising campaigns,” said Tal Hayek, founder and CEO of AcuityAds.

Importance of Self-Serve Programmatic Marketing Platform

AcuityAds conceived the Self-Serve Programmatic Marketing Platform to enable advertisers with unmatched visibility into ad spending, brand safety, and performance. Advertisers can intelligently connect with audiences with the latest omnichannel programmatic marketing platform. The platform has been developed with inputs from over 150 AcuityAds’ partners, ensuring that the technology is the most advanced programmatic marketing platform currently available to advertisers.

via AcuityAds
via AcuityAds

Tal Hayek said, “We’re proud to introduce our new ultra-intuitive Self-Serve Programmatic Marketing Platform at a time when industry leaders are calling for marketers to have unmatched transparency into media costs and inventory.  Our enhanced platform, along with the accompanying AcuityAds Documentation Center, provides not only a more user-friendly interface but also 24/7 access to information for all programmatic platform users – from novice to advanced, to be successful.”

AcuityAds also offers Data Management Platform – Audience Manager to marketers, enabling them to start data-driven marketing campaigns. The latest programmatic marketing platform can be seamlessly integrated with the existing Data Management Platform, leveraging first-party data to maximize marketing revenues.

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