ADYOULIKE Partners with Trade Desk to Bring Premium Programmatic Native Advertising Videos to Buyers


ADYOULIKE, the leading in-feed native advertising platform, has announced an expanded collaboration with The Trade Desk, a global technology platform for buyers of advertising, to deliver in-feed native videos programmatically across the ADYOULIKE publisher portfolio.

Adyoulike + thetradedesk
This expanded integration builds upon the existing OpenRTB 2.3 with The Trade Desk and ADYOULIKE which was announced in October 2016.

The furthering of this partnership will bring The Trade Desk’s large base of advertising buyers the ability to place native video across ADYOULIKE’s extensive global publisher network that uses its DNA SSP platform.

At the time of announcing this integration with The Trade Desk, Francis Turner, CRO at ADYOULIKE, spoke to us. Francis said, “Since October 2016, we’ve worked closely with The Trade Desk to deliver and expand options for advertisers and publishers alike. This latest integration now adds native video to our suite of executions with The Trade Desk and allows brands to deliver native video at scale. Given that native is a continually growing medium and that ad spend is expected to grow by over 35% this year, we’re thrilled to be continuing our partnership.”

Through The Trade Desk’s self-service platform, which allow buyers of advertising to manage their digital campaigns across a range of advertising formats, this creative capability will become available and provide buyers with access to the latest in native advertising technology.

This extended partnership builds off a previous global programmatic native integration agreement between The Trade Desk, Inc. and ADYOULIKE which was announced in October 2016. The agreement saw ADYOULIKE’s native advertising supply side platform (SSP), integrate with The Trade Desk’s platform to expand the digital advertising ecosystem for advertisers and publishers further.

Francis Turner explained that ADYOULIKE is planning to expand their relationship and products with The Trade Desk to give their buyers access to native video. Native video, according to Francis, is the latest development in native advertising technology and will soon form the basis of all native advertising campaigns moving forward.

Joel Livesey, Director of Partnerships, EMEA at The Trade Desk said, “The addition of native video in our integration with AdYouLike is great news for The Trade Desk’s clients. This reflects growing demand and ensures The Trade Desk’s clients have access to omnichannel supply from our Inventory Partners.  Native has been one of our fastest growing channels in 2017, and this native video expansion with AdYouLike will further facilitate the adoption of native advertising.”

Currently, ADYOULIKE is recognized for being a pioneer in native technology and creating advertising experiences for users that mirror the websites they are visiting. Using its own native supply-side platform (SSP) and native technology platform, the company enables brands to scale native advertising campaigns across premium and niche publishers, while publishers benefit from access to ADYOULIKE’s marketplace.

In November 2016, ADYOULIKE launched the world’s first semantic targeting capability for native advertising by integrating IBM’s ground-breaking Watson artificial intelligence software with the ADYOULIKE platform. It is now, for the very first time, being used to create better semantic targeting for native advertising.

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