AndBeyond.Media Launches VidTent – a Holistic Digital Video Solution


VidTent by AndBeyond.Media redefines the art of storytelling with a strong value proposition to solve challenges in the video supply chain

AndBeyond.Media, the world’s leading on-demand native marketplace announced the launch of its new venture – VidTent; a holistic video solutions platform that aims to ‘redefine the art of storytelling’ by offering a strong value proposition to solve video creation, distribution and monetization need gaps for publishers, content creators and advertisers.

With an ever-increasing need to drive higher engagement and revenues from video, AndBeyond.Media recognized early on that there was a need for an end to end one-stop video solution that can help deliver enhanced content creation, audience engagement, and revenue.

Dharika Merchant, President, AndBeyond.Media, talking about the newest venture, said, “We have seen a huge demand for original premium and relevant video content in recent times and realized that we could bridge the interstice in video creation, distribution and high-performance monetization by offering an all-encompassing platform that not only offers premium videos but also presents content syndication, with an user-friendly solution through which our partners can be in complete control of the video experiences they wish to offer across their web and mobile properties. It is on the premise of this understanding that we have introduced VidTent to media businesses and content creators with the aim of fulfilling their entire scope of video content needs.”

VidTent offers distinct solutions across multiple models to suit partner needs, including –s

  • Premium – where partners can leverage freshly created videos that are exactly relevant and in sync with editorial needs, complete with real, human-made narratives for voice-overs.
  • Syndication – Helps embed relevant videos across content channels that can be monetized upon with brand-safe ads.
  • Platform – Partners can take charge of their own content, management & monetization across devices, with our easy to use DIY tools.

Dharika explained, “VidTent redefines the style of narrative for content creators, advertisers and publishers. With our proprietary platform, publishers are able to deliver and monetize premium video, it gives creators the global arena to distribute souped up content, and connects advertisers to qualified, engaged audiences. With VidTent, our goal is to deliver enhanced video experiences for users by uniting publishers, content creators, and advertisers.”

Pankil Mehta, Chief Business Officer, AndBeyond.Media, said, “Occasionally advertisers and publishers face impediments with defining and implementing a clear strategy on how to engage with their audiences using video. It’s still a newer avenue of content and sometimes can be challenging to create, distribute and monetize upon. With VidTent, practically every player in the video ecosystem can leverage from its offerings in ways more than one. We look forward to ironing out the creases, driving scale and sustainable growth for our partners, and yet again challenge the limits of innovation.”

AndBeyond.Media is a firm believer in the power of technology and scale via programmatic channels. The launch of VidTent comes close on the heels of AndBeyond.Media’s introduction of Header Bidding S2S — the company’s revolutionary server-to-server header bidding solution that offers the next step in the evolution of auction dynamics evolving the way in which Header Bidding is currently being looked at, 6 months ago.

Dharika added, “With features such as easy, tag-based integration and multi-channel browsing, VidTent offers a fully scalable, future-ready inventory that is optimized for desktop and mobile.”

Adding yet another feather to its suite of bespoke technology and solutions, the company is focused on driving quality engagement, delivering high performance, 100% transparency and viewability in its offerings.

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