Beachfront Media Launches Two-Way Transparency Suite For Programmatic Mobile Video Advertising

Beachfront Media Launches Two-Way Transparency Suite For Programmatic Mobile Video Advertising

Beachfront Media Provides Full Transparency From Advertiser To Publisher, Ensuring Proper Placement Of Ads, Peace Of Mind For Digital Ad Industry

Programmatic advertising is easily the most readily adaptable technology today. As marketers look to create branded content syndication campaigns, programmatic video ads help them deliver high-quality premium inventories with maximized revenue opportunities across all formats. To enable publishers and advertisers achieve consistent CPMs and fill rates, Beachfront Media has introduced the agilest control layer for programmatic video advertising.

 “The Creative Review Suite is a win-win for all sides of the equation, ensuring polite, proper placement of advertising content throughout the digital ecosystem.”

Beachfront Media, the leading unified video distribution and monetization platform for publishers, today launched a Creative Review Suite. The new technology adds a deterministic layer of control to programmatic video advertising. It offers the brands a very well regulated brand-safe ecosystem for ads that are served alongside high-quality content.

Experience a New Level of Brand-Safe Video Advertising with Creative Review Suite

Creative Review Suite by Beachfront Media provides publishers with the data and tools to understand, analyze, and approve the advertisements running on their owned-and-operated sites and apps based on business needs. This significantly reduces the time and cost for publishers who are identifying advertisers and video agencies that deliver quality ad inventories.

Beachfront Media
Beachfront Media Product Features

In addition to supplementary creative control, the new feature will incorporate ad blocking and approvals. This will allow users to apply either blacklists or whitelists of individual demand side platforms (DSPs), content categories, or advertisers. Publishers can initiate this function at the global level or at the individual inventory source level.

In real-time, publishers will be able to preview the advertisers and video creatives that have bid on the inventory and approve or block as needed based on content, quality, channel conflicts and several more factors.

Relevance of Creative Review Suite in 2017

With the recent backlash against YouTube, many publishers are seeing an opportunity to offer a premium, legitimate alternative to Google advertising. Beachfront’s Creative Review Suite enables a new level of control for video publishers and app producers who rely on digital advertising.

Frank Sinton, Beachfront Media founder and CEO, identifies, “With advertisers expressing their discontent with the digital landscape, it’s essential to provide publishers with the tools they need to succeed.”

Premium publishers are held to high standards, and this feature is essential in maintaining ad quality and preventing sales channel conflicts. Beachfront Media will also deliver detailed information and analytics that decisions have on revenue.

“As former executives in the television industry, we know how important it is for video producers to have control over the creatives that appear next to their content,” said Sinton.

Expect More Streamlined Programmatic Control for Digital Video and Mobile App Publishers

In 2017, video producers want to be in total control of how their ads feature alongside other content. No brand wants to be associated with Fake News, malvertising, and politically obnoxious messages. Sinton believes that Creative Review Suite “finally brings that control to digital video publishers and mobile app producers, allowing them to fully manage their advertising business in a strategic and streamlined way.”

Beachfront offers Video SSP as a product, enabling publishers to make more money from their mobile inventory. is optimized for mobile formats, which along with Video SSP enables app developers and publishers optimize their CPMs across video sources. With the introduction of Creative Review Suite, Beachfront Marketplace will provide advertisers and publishers higher control and brand-safety assurance at rapid adoption rate.

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