CentricIQ Launches Programmatic Re-Engagement™ to Help Marketers Increase Response Rates and Sales Conversion

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NgageIQ, a subsidiary of CentricIQ, a leading marketing intelligence and performance agency, launched Programmatic Re-Engagement™, the next evolution in marketing retargeting and the first of its kind.

Programmatic Re-Engagement™ is a unique retargeting solution that works to turn anonymous web visitors into engaged customers with personalized communications across multi-channels and integrates both the online and offline world to convert a lead into a sale.

Programmatic Re-Engagement™ identifies both known and unknown anonymous website visitors, determines how they have engaged with the brand and then re-engages with them via personalized messages using direct mail, email and digital channels. The response rate of combined multi-channel and personalized messages can be eight to 10 times higher than using cookie-based banner ad retargeting.

Marketers know and studies have shown only two per cent of first-time website visitors actually make a purchase. Programmatic Re-Engagement™ provides a significant opportunity to convert the 98 per cent of first-time visitors to customers even after they leave a website. Until now, the only option for marketers was using browser cookies technology to deliver banner ads to visitors however, the response rate is less than one per cent and visitors continue to install more ad blockers. The current system does not target potential customers effectively and relies solely on the one channel with a very short shelf life.

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Gabriel Constatantin

“It is time for marketers to have a better option other than just banner ads to retarget their web visitors such as sending personalized direct mail or email to captivate them. Programmatic Re-Engagement™ means you can pick the right message and right channel and turn your anonymous web browsers into future customers.  It is an opportunity that marketers need to seize,” says Gabriel Constantin, CEO & president, CentricIQ.

NgageIQ offers Programmatic Re-Engagement™ as an integrated end-to-end solution that can be quickly implemented without having to manage more technology. It has five integrated and fully-automated components that monitor and identify your web traffic, determine the best message and channel to re-engage, personalize the communications and activate the engagement using direct mail, email or digital to get the best outcome. This process is customized for each client and continuously optimized to achieve the best return.

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